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Career Change Indicator #5301

I've got a guy on my project who's total contribution so far has been to say that the URL for the customer's tool should be short. Whoa.. don't burn all our hours figuring that one out.

Free Hosting Fun

The webserver on this box has had to be reinstalled twice, which requires re-allowing the web user permission to access certain directories. I've tried giving permission to a group and just adding the new user to that group, (hoping to avoid the headaches when the server gets reinstalled next time) but something didn't work right there, which is frustrating. Anyone want to take a guess on what OS this is?

Movie? or Music?

The company has rented out a theater on the 19th for the Star Wars thing during lunch. If I go I won't need one of these. But if I stay in the office, I can turn the speakers way up on XFM and maybe get some work on a user's guide done. Or I could just get my inbox cleaned out. Naw, I like the popcorn I think.

New Niece

Chaz posted a few photos of his new niece behind this thumbnail.

The All Nighter


A week ago tonight, I was at the office thinking that my product for the Canadians was ready to go and just needed to get on to their servers. This typically takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending if things work.

From the title though, of course it didn't quite happen like that. Russ, Carlos & I worked together to iron out:

  • about 20 places where english was showing where only French should have been showing.

  • about four javascript issues

  • a piece of functionality that got missed in the 2 weeks of testing

  • and at 4am, a piece of functionality that broke when I fixed the item above

Of course the later (or should I say earlier) things got, the slower things got, and unfortunately the more attention I had to pay to what I was doing. Its real easy to make stupid mistakes with our stuff. When it got down to putting into their live webservers, there were of course issues there were some machines couldn't see one another. Unexpected roadblocks again.

At 7:30am, the 'day shift' began to filter in, and fortunately one of the guys that was familiar with their setup arrived to clean up those problems. Managaed to get out of the office around 8:30am, only to get caught in inbound rush hour. Long red lights were hard to stay conscious for.

I didn't have it that bad all told. My coworker Russ stayed through most of the day to have calls with the Canadians. That had to be rough.

Why'd we have to do it? We were kind of finished with things, but hadn't quite cleaned up all the testing. The Canadians owed us some servers to test on, and they had 'em turned on Thursday - giving us only Friday to really test on, but they had an expectation that it'd all work anyway. It did.

I'm glad its behind us, but sure wasn't happy it had to happen. The nice thing about it was Chaz brought some dinner over to us. That was sweet.

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