Chasing the sun westward

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As I listen to the air traffic high above Denver Center on UAL 683 from Chicago to Los Angeles, I'm kind of in a daze about starting a new gig. Leaving Troux wasn't too easy, considering I'd carved out a path, built lots of alliances, and kind of put myself up in pole position with the other deployment architects. I really believe the people that said that my loss would be felt were honest; and I kind of regret not seeing it further out. Their motto was 'engage, then adjust, adjust, adjust', but after the adjustments I could make there, I wasn't getting where I wanted to be. We'll see if this gets me a bit closer both in terms of responsibility and bringing a retirement date closer in to where I want it. I'm certainly going to be racking up the miles I've been missing due to webex and conference calls, as evidenced by already racking up 8 hours in the air within 24 hour of my start date. OOofff. Austin to Chicago for a day, then off to Pasadena for 3 more days before heading home. Only this one trip this year with this company, but dang I'm making it worthwhile.
Our annual holiday party is behind us, and I think it was a terrific success in this new house. The enormous wreath chandelier, the centerpiece that JT put together, then the food and the bartender.. it all came together pretty well. Our rough headcount was over a hundred people, despite there being plenty that I know didn't show that said they would. Noted for next year for sure. Only a few people from my prior employer made it, but I'm really happy the ones that did were there. Chaz had a great turnout from his new company, and he's taken like a fish to water with them. Neighbor turnout was a little disappointing as well. Come to think of it, we might have had fewer people than I thought.
When I get home, it'll be a quick turnaround for going to Dallas for the holiday weekend, then the holiday itself in Austin with first K&P and then Chaz's family. After that, the rest of the week will be mine in Austin, along with the new year. There aren't a lot of things we've got to do for that night, but we'll play it by ear, and I'm sure things will work out.

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