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We occupied for just a moment, then I realized that actually my retirement money is in there, so I didn't want them to get too upset with me.  We left peacefully and Manfred went to Tiffany's just down Broad street.

A visit to the September 11 memorial was accomplished as well, replete with way too many cameras and an airport screening to get into the park area. It's a masterpiece of theater and I imagine it achieves its goal of making the people from the heartland have their sense of security for all the money being spent. The memorial itself is impressive, but the overdramatization happening all around it is distracting.  From there we hiked down to battery park, had a hotdog and watched the boats go out to ellis island and lady liberty. They boys opted not to go.

Instead, after recharging, we took a train up to Greenwich Village for a walking tour there. Beautiful neighborhood, and of course the boys loved it and the history there. We saw a house for sale - 37  W. 10th. Evidently they're asking nearly 8 million for it. Quite a bargain if they hit the lottery.  After winding our way through the village to the meat packing district, we started the High Line park walk. About 2 segments in, Manfred hit the brick wall. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to the hotel for a nap. We walked until we could get a cab, and did exactly that. The two of them are snoozing away as I write, which is just as well, since we have the theater tonight, then a trip up the empire state building afterwards to see the city lit up.  We'll keep them occupied till it's time to go.

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