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Here's a quick runthrough of the house all decked out for the holiday party we had last night, December 10th. It was the first really big party, and we counted 105 people through the door - lots of neighbors, tons of friends, and a few coworkers made it. We had food in the great room, and a couple of cocktails back in the back. So far, the responses have been great, but Chaz and I are exhausted today.

The artist at work

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Bud spent most of last night working on a backdrop for photos for our party this weekend. It's pretty amazing watching him work.

Backyard Lights

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I got lights on the backyard as well as the front.  We see the backyard more, the way this house is laid out.  I kind of like it all lit up - we added some 'motion lights' on the palm tree today before the weather turns bad.  Hopefully we'll have a few more nice days so I can get the camera higher to get the reflection in the water.

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