Remodel Chronicles November edition

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While things mostly look good around the house, there's a lot of things that are not done. And not all of them have to be finished completely, but we're making progress on them bit by bit. In this video, a lot of work went into the trim for the steps. And a lot went into unpacking things. And a lot of things left to do are turning out to be pains in the asses, like installing a ceiling fan in the middle bedroom. The original junction box wound up shredded, and there's not enough room to get a traditional brace (16-inch on center) up there, so today we're totally baffled. My vote was to get a 'saddle' box and put a medallion on the ceiling to cover up the hole left by the other box.. Chaz outvoted me though.
Speaking of him, he's starting a new job tomorrow with a company in Austin. As good as IBM was, his 'work location' was still Lansing, and he was 'long-term supplemental' which meant after 3 years, he was out the door in any case. Having a real tangible position in Austin is a good thing. The fact that it came with a raise was even better. It's been kind of strange, as in the past 3 months, his phone has been ringing off the wall with java positions in Austin; that hadn't happened since early 2000's. My suspicion is that a lot of the java programmers that kept their skills up went ahead and started moving on to php/app/mobile web centric companies and startups, so there is some backfilling going on.
My family comes down for a visit for the turkey day meal - Chaz is really excited about having so much of his family down her at this house. I'm not quite sure how it'll work with this tiny kitchen, but between him and his mother, they'll figure something out.

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