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We're in there now.. unfinished mess and all.

Remodel Chronicles 21 July

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This week Chaz and I both took a step away from our full time jobs to make progress on the house.  Today we finished getting the floor down in the 'great room' or den.  Wood is down now in 2 bedrooms, 1 hall, and this room, with 1 bedroom, 1 hall, and the great hall in the front of the house to go yet. We bought 86 boxes of wood, and there's 40 left to install.  It won't all be done this week, but we've got enough down to start moving some stuff in.

Bathrooms are coming along as well - Chaz did the tile in 1 bath, and that's going to be the one we use when we move in.  Tuesday we've got a mover scheduled to get everything from the duplex and the 2 storage units in to the house. Wednesday the internet is slated to be turned on there.  Once the broadband is there, then we're home.  Funny how that works.

Remodel Chronicles 17 July

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We've been crazy busy with the house, and work hasn't let up too much with its demands. Had a quick and fruitful trip out to Phoenix to visit a customer, which turned out to be terrific fun with a former coworker and friend who's living there now and working for said customer. Good to have a network on the inside.
The new house is coming along, and most of the really messy work is finished, and now we're prepping it for a move-in hopefully this month. The painters did a great job finishing the walls, and the travertine looks amazing. There was one hiccup with an expired permit to build the pool that has been on the city's books since 1981 (!) that got resolved only after 2 visits to city hall, and about 3 hours of wait and shuffle-paper time until I met someone that just twiddled the bit in the database the right way. Here's a quick run-through of where we're at!

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