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Remodel Chronicles June 18

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Whooooo-whee! Things have been busy at the new place. Dumpsters are gone, and the AC guys have run new ducting and inlets, and we're just about ready for the drywall to go in. The AC comes just as we've had yet another record-breaking hot day. This afternoon we're going to install some lighting, and host Chaz's parents for father's day.

Annoyed and perplexed

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2011-06-12 10.12.05.jpg
Gigi's spent a lot of time on laps lately shuttling between a construction project and a mess of boxes. There's some squirrels out there that need chasing badly!

Rescued from the saltillo

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We're pretty proud of this find in the new house.  Underneath the saltillo tile on the hearth, the beautiful white stone continues down to the floor in a nice curve, and what looks like it was a planter box at some point that's now filled in.  Pulling the tile and the deep mud bed off the foundation of the house was hard work, but a big find like thisHearth before really brings back some beauty to the place.  Who knows what they were thinking when they installed all that.  Hopefully not too many people will say that about the design decisions we're making along the way!

Hearth After

Found behind the fridge

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6-7-2011 3-22-11 PM.gif
We've been working on removing the saltillo tile through the den and kitchen, and behind the fridge found this little gem that really does tell the story of how we came to own the place.  Rather poignant probably, and certainly goes to explain why we're having to work so hard to get the smell of smoke out of it.

The place does smell neutral again with the carpeting and the linoleum gone. The air ducts will get reconstructed next week, after further investigation found mold and various nasty things in the fiberglass ducts.

The tile removal has been a real pain, but it's nearly over. The dumpster should be gone tomorrow which will be a milestone in my mind. At that point, things start going back in, slowly but surely.

Remodel Chronicles 3 June

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There's things changing everywhere. The good news with the changes.. the pool is in shape so that when the AC goes off for repairs, there's somewhere to go splash down and cool off!

There's some fun things going on this weekend, but lots of work at the house as well. I neglected to get the carpet out of the master closet. Whoops. Back to that.

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