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Remodel Chronicles 31 May

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This was our first of many hot and sweaty weekends working on the new house, and probably the easiest, since it was mostly destruction. The work really started on Sunday when the carpeting came out. The place already smells much less like an ashtray with it gone, and judging from the back of the carpeting, there was plenty of pet stain odor that was being masked by the glade spritzer devices they had in the house. We've pretty much filled a 20 cubic yard dumpster, and there's still plenty of wrecking out to do on the place. We spent some time getting Gigi's dog door fit to one of the doors in the house, and that made her feel a little more settled, though the poor pup has picked up fleas somewhere between the farm in Georgetown, the duplex where we're living, and the new house. She's had one flea bath, and will probably get another today prior to getting her advantix on her. The pool is filled and clean, though Chaz is having a hard time managing the pool guy. There's a few things where the pool guy is being pushy, and I don't think I've got the patience to put up with him screwing around with upsell stuff. Today we've both got our day jobs to do, and Bill and James are going to be at the house wrecking out more of the bathrooms. I'd like to have all the wreck out done by the end of the week in the 2 bathrooms, the den and the living room. Here's a quick walk through this morning on the way in to the office.

Early bird

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We've got city council elections going on this month. 3 easy choices on my ballot, so in and out in no time at all. Tomorrow's the last day to early vote.. election is on Saturday, but I think I'm going to be busy...

This weekend we have to move out of our house on Oakwood.  I've put a new roof on it, the buyer seems to be happy, the bank (at the moment) seems to be happy, so the deal might actually go through next week.  Fingers crossed! Chaz has been packing furiously.  So furiously we have no can opener with which to retrieve foodstuffs, and our towels have disappeared. Life as nomads.

I did get to take a long lunch today to go see one of the few weekday day games the Express have on the schedule.  Hot sun, good game, iced tea.. I could get used to Mondays like that, especially when Brad Nelson crushes a ball into the pool in right field. That was cool. Express had a grand slam later in the game as well.

Between now and Friday we've got lots to do. Tomorrow I'm going to rent a big storage unit, and the guest room is getting moved in there.  A thrill a minute!

As an aside, Quantas is going to fly in and out of DFW now, which totally rocks.  If only I didn't have to put a roof on this house, I think we could have had a celebratory trip down under.  Maybe in a few months.

Odd 'n Ends. Mostly Odds.

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Ginger and Texas Ruby Red grapefruit.. this stuff is terrific.

The house transaction is plodding along, with some suspense in the transaction to sell my house. I've put a new roof on the place, at my cost, yet there's still some wheeling and dealing going on.

Chaz has been working from home, so there's an interesting dynamic when we're both trying to have teleconferences at the same time. In the new place, we might have to have offices in separate wings of the house.

Car has been in the shop for most of the end of April getting a new transmission, new oil system parts as well as radiator hoses. Then tonight I got to get my fingernails dirty replacing the brake pads front and rear. The motorcycle works just fine, thankyewverymuch, so there wasn't much lost with the car being out of commission. I just wanted it to be in tip top condition by the time the heat of the summer became too much for the motorcycle commute. At least too much for me to be in a room with 6 other people after being sweaty on the bike.

Queen of the hillLast weekend Chaz had what was probably to be the last dinner party in this house. Not only that change, but one of the guests, Brian, was having his last weekend in Austin before heading to Portland for work and family. He lives in a big 'ole RV, so it's pretty easy for him to pack it up and relocate.  Philip and our neighbors Anthony & Denis rounded out our last hurrah.  I'm kind of scared since the next house might wind up having a dining room that's twice as big as our current living room.  That's a whole lot more people to cook for.

Gigi is of course doing fine, and staying on top of all the goings on around here. She has us in our places.

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