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Living in Interesting Times

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The plan was, after South-by work and partying was done, to relax a bit, enjoy spring, get back to work, and just kind of live.  I got season tickets to the Round Rock Express for Chaz and I to go watch games through the spring and summer. Side trips to Galveston were planned. The yard and garden need some attention, but are in good shape, we've got a dog that needs walking, I could get back into the gym... that was the plan.  Normalcy. Then things got interesting.

Houses in the neighborhood started popping up for sale. Mortgage rates aren't bad. Chaz talked me in to going to look at houses for sale.  Slightly bigger houses. Maybe a pool.  Maybe a media room.  You can see where this is heading, right?

Fast forward a few weeks, and my house is on the market. One of the houses I'm looking at got taken off the market, then somehow appeared BACK on the market. Then I have an offer on mine. What the hell. And I have an offer out on this bigger house. *gulp*

Offer negotiated. Offer accepted. Offer negotiated. Offer accepted. And now all the sudden, there are buyers and sellers all dancing, and I'm in both positions.  This is different. And terrifying. And I've got regular work to do, and a dog that needs fed, and yeah mom and dad need some looking after. Things could certainly be a lot worse, and are for a lot of people, so I should be sleeping well and just going with it, right?  I'm going with it, but there's going to be some sleep lost as the dance goes on, and the music changes tempo.

Totally not what I had planned, but it's interesting.

Below the fold are the static photos of the house. The marketing agency/photographers did terrific jobs. I want to live there.

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