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Real Estate Porn

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So Chaz and I are getting the house ready to put on the market. While passing links back and forth discussing the homes around the block for sale, somehow this one came up in our listings. Might throw off the comps. We like the kitchen!
Luckily it's not in our hood, but behind the cut are the photos.
Of course I'm a total tool for posting it, but honestly, this is the coolest gimmick I've seen at a trade show. Aside from offering free rides across downtown in their vehicles, Chevy had a trade show booth with this "photo sonic boom" thing that had all the cameras shoot a photo at the same time, and then it built an animated gif out of it.  We went with the 'southby nerds in space' motif, and I'm totally getting dizzy watching it.  They had costumes you could put on, which made for some interesting shots, like these guys.

Southby notes

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Music starts today. Traps have been set to try to keep hipsters off the street. Today - Gregory Brothers are in town. Doug Benson is in town. Promotion for Austin Facial Hair Club's "Grackle Rock" lineup happens: Working a shift. Trade show has an awesome photo thing with Chevy. I'll be a corporate tool for that. Toting 3 five-hour energies. The spice must flow.

But is it art?

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From the SZ

Leather gloves which are part of an exhibition of surreal things.  Indeed.

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