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Gigi would rather we go to Petsmart

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Weeks have been heads down on work, and weekends seem to have flown past in a blur as I pick up Chaz on Thursday night, and shuttle him back off to the plane to Detroit on Sunday.  Last weekend was the first where we got to do something on our own; we joined the hordes of moms and dads that got a sitter on Saturday night, and caught The King's Speech, seeing as it has the buzz.  Prior to that, seems we've had everything else to do on the weekends.  My dad came through one weekend. We spent one weekend under his mom's old farm house repairing copper plumbing that froze and left them without water. His mom went to the hospital for one weekend with flu.  Chaz spent one weekend out of commission with flu.   Life seems to happen when we're busy making other plans.

Hopefully this will be a nice weekend - he doesn't have to fly till Monday, so we're going to be able to catch the Oscars at home.

Gigi has passed through level 3 of 4 in her obedience training.  Lots of work to go, and for a young jack russell, a lot of the 'stay' commands while standing or being distracted are really difficult.  There's too many exciting things to be a part of out there.  For a while she wasn't doing the teeter-totter, but she's back at it now.

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