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To start the new diet plan

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I'm only going to eat things with the word 'Thin' in them.

Thank the neighborhood Girl Scouts going door to door with their cookies for getting the home-office started with this new program.

Big Screen Debut

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Our company kickoff included our homemade team videos on the silver screen at the Alamo Drafthouse this week. The films were hilarious, but dammit my battery didn't make it through my entire scene. This is mostly just the opening credits. I'll have a link to the full video later on. I'll be nationwide in no time!


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2011-01-12 12.39.31.jpg
Seen on the drive into work today. Looks like there might be a Zach Galifinawhathisface movie being filmed in the area! 

It might only be January 5th

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but in Shiner, Texas, they've already turned their attention to spring coming right around the corner! 


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2011-01-02 15.06.47.jpg
Chaz did his ritual packing of the fancy ornaments. Trees are boxed up and in storage, with the exception of one still to pack. I've finished up the lights off the roof. Tonight the house will be a bit darker around the edges, setting the tone for a return to the work week in different cities, and plenty of work to do for both of us.

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