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Intergalactic partying

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Looks like we're not going to as rowdy as the Enterprise was for NYE. Weather's going to be good, but the people that threw the party we usually go to have moved off to Australia. They get to celebrate a few hours earlier than us.
The holiday break has been fun so far, though both Chaz and I are working from home.

This may be me someday

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It's foggy tonight. No eclipse for me. Meh.

Will be a late night

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Total eclipse? No way. Yes way! And according to those in the know at wikipedia, it will be the first total lunar eclipse to occur on the day of the Winter Solstice since 1638, and only the second in the Common Era. So, uncommon, eh? I'd be dragging out the telescope to west texas if I had the time.

Of course this goes through my mind.
♫There's nothing else to shoot, so zoom camera under this arch ♫

Gigi's winter posing

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Winter solstice is arriving this week, and our favorite part of Walnut Creek is extra barren.  It's a great time for a couple of glamor shots.  The third, slightly less glamorous shot on the picnic table is the aftermath of playing in the creek then running on dusty trails. Visible are dirty paws; invisible is the filthy undercarriage.



carshop1215.jpgWho says there's not any good new car deals out there!

How many weeks till spring?

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I think there's enough time to put together a band and let the garden get green enough to recreate this bit of Austrian awesomeness.
*hattip* to slog

Chicago? Could be anywhere.

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2010-12-09 08.19.49.jpg
I haven't wandered far beyond the few miles around Allstate since Sunday night when I had a quick jaunt into town for a pint.At work we hit the ground running on Monday training 2 Irish guys in person, and 1 on the other end of the webex/wire. They've done well, so the trip is going to be quite successful, but their office is way out in the burbs, and with early starts, I've been loathe to attack the highways to get into town to do anything interesting. I hate trips like that.

Tonight, it's started snowing, but the forecast for tomorrow looks good to get out of town, so I can deal with it.  I'm really looking forward to the warm weekend on tap in Austin!

Arrived in Chicago

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2010-12-05 16.38.19.jpg
Thankfully the roads are dry, and I have the correct headgear to fit in with the natives.

Not cookies & milk

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Snacktime of champagne, brie, pesto, paté & olives. He must want something good for xmas this year.  I'm going to be wary.


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Chaz brought me back something cool from his trip!

Actually it looks pretty good - I haven't had one with a leather strap lately. Perfect for looking professorial yet not too dressy next week at the insurance company.

Festival of Lights

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I'm going to enjoy an evening dip in the hot tub under the C9 lights in the backyard.  We always put lights both on the street and on the back of the house where we can enjoy them as well.

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