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Making due..

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Making due without the cook of the house around isn't soooooo bad. There were the t-day leftovers for a while, but this week I tried Soup With TLC for their weekly plan, as recommended by a friend of mine.  Tonight was the balsamic-glazed pork chop, baked sweet potatoes with scallion & cilantro, and a green salad.  I added the Martini Cabernet. 

I'm splitting the orders with Bud, who is used to coming by for a meal or two when Chaz is cooking, and so far both of us like the food we've had.  Added bonus? Not much mess in the kitchen when someone else is bringing the food.  WIN!

In the 'inbox'

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I like working with smart people. I wake up with this short thread from the Europeans on the email list for our technical support.

On Nov 30, 2010, at 5:27 AM, Martin wrote:

Trying to run the aforementioned against my HSBC demo data on a dedicated-iron system gives me, after several minutes of "93 %" circling, this:

<image001.png> [screenshot of error]

What is this, and what I am supposed to do with it?

From: Derek
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 4:38 AM
To: Martin
Cc: Technical
Subject: Re: Strange behaviour

You can make it into a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl...

In memory of the greatest movie ever...and the passing of Leslie Nielson



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We're putting Isaac to work getting doors and trim painted in the house this week. It's been a while since they had a fresh coat.  We've lucked out that the weather is cooperating today.

Where I get to go see the A-List

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So I'll pass this on. Who am I to turn down an invite? To get an invite, go here.

Hello David,

Your RSVP is confirmed! We are excited to see you at The Bleet-Up presented by Austin Eavesdropper and Ultra8201, a meet-up for Austin bloggers and blog readers. Join us on the Whole Foods Rooftop Terrace, Friday, Dec. 3rd, at 7pm. Proceeds benefiting Art From the Streets!

Enjoy tasty samples by these amazing food/drink sponsors: Green Cart, Kohana Coffee, Buddha's Brew Kombucha Tea, Mary Louise Butters Brownies and Live Oak Brewery. With pop-up shops by Magnolia Family Vintage, Rene Geneva, The Wonder Craft. Christmas Ornament Craft Making Table by The Wonder Craft. Garden seed samples by Yard Farm Austin. Photo booth by the talented Cory Ryan. Music by Motel Aviv, The Lennings, 23 Positions (Prince tribute band), and Politics. Austin Blogger Awards 2010 presented by, Topped off with Whole Foods' ice skating rink!

Remember, to please arrive early!

Not so black Friday

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It's actually pretty nice after yesterday's family feast and lazy day, Chaz took out the xmas trees and got busy with organizing all of that stuff. I'm glad he did it while my mom and her friend Connie were here to enjoy it. Isaac made it by to hang out as well.



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  • HEB stocked the eggnog as of Sunday last. Their blend is very, very nice as a coffee creamer.
  • We've got 80 degrees and nearly gale force winds out of the south, sucking moisture up toward that front that's going to barrel through tomorrow. The air conditioning is on today. Heater tomorrow. I ♥ Texas weather
  • Mom's coming down for the rest of the week. We're stocking up on the prosecco!
  • Chaz flies out on Sunday for his first gig. A 100% travel thing with GM in Detroit. With his metal knee, he always sets off the metal detector. Looks like he's got a guaranteed quickie with every flight! He's taking it in stride.
  • I didn't do any billable work this week, but had some 'catchup' work to do with one customer. Meh.
  • Our grocery store is a madhouse already. They remodeled in the past month so some of these grannies that go in there once a month are totally baffled. The 'beep beep' sound might either be a remodeling pallet jack or a blue-hair on a rascal. Highly amusing!
  • We've got to spend this weekend working with Gigi on her concentration to 'stay', or else she's going to fail 2nd grade of doggie class, and be doomed to repeat it again. #badtrainer
Happy short week!


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Sounds like the Pirate Party is having some growing pains. [English here]

Monday Notes

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Friday night I went behind the chicken-wire curtain for a happy hour/block party with friends that moved to Cedar Parkistan, and got to take Gigi since the friends have a 5 year old JRT as well. The two of them hit it off really well, chasing imaginary squirrels all over the backyard, and generally being in 3 places at once. Gigi was a little untrained with the barking, but she was certainly friendly with lots of people.  As I arrived there, the evening was warm and muggy, but within 40 minutes a cold front barreled down the street and chilled the festivities dramatically. The homemade pizzas were good, the beer was cold, the firepit was blowing smoke all over everyone, but it was a fun evening.

This was the first weekend where it was just Gigi and I. Aside from the party, there have been plenty of walks, and even a trip to the agility park took place, but she wasn't feeling it at the park much.  Wouldn't even jump for me.  I didn't think the Friday night running would wipe her for a whole weekend, but maybe it did.  Today we'll get to the big park for a big walk then a big bath, cause she's a stinky girl right now. Unfortunately she won't make it to class tonight.

Today I have to make it through the day which is going to crawl by bit-by-bit before we can line up for the screening of Harry Potter tonight!  Reducto Databasium!

Fall rolls on

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Chaz is officially employed again, albeit a few hundred miles away for now. From the sounds of it, the Chinese curse of "May you live in interesting times" has come true, and things are indeed interesting. He's up there till the 20th, then back for Thanksgiving, and then back up in Lansing unless a project transpires.

In his absence, I'm holding down the fort and taking care of the little Gigi. Before he got out of town though, we had a terrific weekend running around downtown together (Gypsy picnic, Sandy's, Barkitecture on 2nd, Gingerman), and got some good photos like the one at the bottom of this post.

Chaz isn't one for horror or blood & guts TV like Dexter or The Walking Dead, so while he's on the road, it's my chance to watch that stuff. However I may reconsider "Walking" after watching the premier. It wasn't so much the guts and zombie head explosions that got me, rather the silence to build suspense. I found myself bringing the stream down within a browser and focusing on anything but the show during the silence. I've got Cloverfield in the netflix queue for this week, so we'll see if it's just my tastes have changed, or if WD was really that intense.

Certainly it can't be that I don't like zombies.. I like this show:

Here's us this past weekend:
Click for more photos.

Am I missing something?

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So Rick, you need the feds to bail you out so bad, you have ask twice, but you campaigned on not needing them, and now teammates are ready to take their ball and go home. Really.

How'd it get to be November?

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halloweenHalloween 2010! I got to be Ranger Smith out with BooBoo and Yogi as they made an excursion from Jellystone Park. Chris came along for the ride, that 70's swinger.

Chaz's job kickoff should be this upcoming Monday in Lansing - there was some eligibility questions that came up and had us on pins & needles this week, but it looks like that's all resolved now.

My work's going pretty good.. behind on one project, ahead on another. Hopefully when we know for sure Chaz is off to work, I can spend a few evenings to get ahead of the curve. The down side of him going back to work will be me having to take care of this little dog that needs a 3 mile walk 3 times a week. I can work it in.

In the election fallout, it looks like the bazillionaires bought themselves enough ads to get their people seated. And it looks already to have been an excellent investment.  A few hundred million in ads for many more hundred millions in tax cut extensions. The long game is important.

Another nit that has me pissed is something that came in the mail last month. With health care reform, starting in 2011 HSA funds (tax deferred health savings accounts) can't be used to buy over the counter medications without a prescription. It's just a little thing that I'm sure either the doctor's lobby or the banking lobby slipped in the bill when it was passed this year. The banks would have incentive to keep the money in the account where they can use it. The docs have an incentive to get more warm bodies through the door to get a scrip for ibuprofen. Craziness. So I'll get a list of things I want together and go visit the doc in 2011. Small price for me to pay all told, but seriously, for people to argue that business didn't get anything out of reform is nuts.  I wonder how many more of those small things will hit people in other circumstances.

We've had a fun few weeks with Halloween parties and we got to see the UT football team against Baylor last Saturday.  I was supposed to go to New York next week to meet the Germans, but that's been delayed to March. Looks like they'll come visit about time for south by southwest.

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