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Go Rangers!

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This one has been in the closet for a few years.

Haven't picked out where to watch tonight, though hotdogs and beer might be dinner.

I voted

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Now please make the commercials stop.


Since ALGPC isn't around any more, I went mostly with the Chronicle's endorsements, as they mapped to mine, including supporting the bond issue.

Chaz is on track to eventually be employed.  He has been assigned to a 4-month or longer gig in Memphis starting ASAP, though his first line manager and 'home office' will be in Lansing.  He's got to go up there for his 'onboarding', but after that, he's on the road for 4 months. No need to relocate up there just for the weekends! Hurrah!  Though something is happened with big blue, and they've pushed his onboarding from next week to the week after.  We're kind of treading water with it all right now, and while it's frustrating waiting, there aren't any red flags so far.

The Germans that were going to come visit us in November have cancelled, so I've got 3 weeks booked as off, and a couple of non-refundable tickets on Continental to do something with.  As I haven't been to Munich this year yet, that might be something to do. There's a lot up in the air till Chaz is sure he's engaged at the new job.

Sadly, you are not a monster

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It's Friday! It's October!

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And it's time for Office Oktoberfest! Prost!

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