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Guess who UT plays this weekend!

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2010-09-29 12.25.23.jpg

10 meter gehn' ja mai is dat scheen!

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So the Wiesn hit is about 70% of the young German girls under 18 dream of a career path of being of "Germany's Next Top Model". They dream of a career of walking 10 meters straight ahead. Lofty goals - the old people ask, "Is that not too difficult?"

Angkor Wat

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I expect Chris to post a similar picture today. Seeing his trip brings back some happy memories. We'll go back.

AMS Party Photos

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Nicked from a zuckerberg album, here's a 61654_439012158683_826018683_5060911_2088405_n.jpgfew shots from the party on Friday.  Jan & Timon, the guests of honor; Ronald, Charles and me as the early arrivals; me and Wim chatting with the Australians while Wim is scheming.

There are some more photos on my memory card somewhere. I'll have to get those up.

Timon and I

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Last night was the party that brought us here.. Jan & Timon's 10th anniversary & 50th birthdays. They rented out a pub/restaurant that used to be part of the old city fortress, and a great crowd of friends old and nieuw showed up. It was a decade ago that we lived here and met them when they got married.. but even the other guests were saying with incredulity.. "you moved away 10 years ago? I could swear it was only 3 or 4!" It doesn't feel that far away.

We'll go out with them tonight after Chaz and I have our own dinner.

A seriously perfect day for it

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Blue skies, soft breezes, warm sun, babbling people all about. We managed to have a swing seat at the Theehuis, so Chaz snoozed while I had a beer and read.

Seen around town

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  • Got rained on
  • Got some sun
  • Ate Friets from Mannekin Pis
  • Got bonbons from Puccini
  • Relaxed some
  • Had overpriced gyros
  • Had really cheap italian
  • Laughed at stoned tourists drooling over the pastries in the bakeries next to the coffeeshops
  • Saw a triad of Picassos at the Hermitage which would go great in the dining room.. if the dining room was 5 times the size it is now.
  • Hiked all over town.
  • Stayed out too late socializing at the bar.
  • Got mad realizing that someone has taken away most of the benches from canal-side, meaning few places to sit and relax.

Having a great time, wish you were here!

Up next in Amsterdam

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The weather is threatening to be drier today.  Whatever will we do without the constant drizzle?

We're going to see an exhibit at the Hermitage here in Amsterdam. Neither of us have been there before, so it should be interesting.  Though at 15 euros per nose to get in, it's pretty steep.

Hello, Hermine. Welcome to Houston

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7septIMG_2683.jpgWe're on the way to Amsterdam, after a full weekend of entertaining guests, a Sunday on the lake, a busy day packing and getting the dog training done, and a seriously restless night.  We're both pretty exhausted already, but we got the housesitter situated, and place cleaned up in time to get on the road for 6am. Today is a totally non-photogenic day for traveling. Hermine made for a bumpy ride to Houston, and I'm sure getting out of here will be the same. We've managed to check just one bag for the both of us, as Chaz has most of his stuff stashed in his carry-on. The good news is that with a long layover here in Houston, we've got time to study and work, and we arrived prior to flights out of Austin being delayed and canceled. ABIA had a surprising amount of travelers for a short work week. Perhaps it was leisure travel that got rolled into this week.
No bag stuffing?!? That synchronized mass of people in the convention center that signified the beginning of the end of all the preparations?

No way.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Post Fig Foam Manhattan

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Chris G. snapped this while he and I were plugged in during SXSW 2010.  We were enjoying a drink or two at Peché downtown.

Emails are already flying about next years SouthBy here in Austin. Time flies.

I like getting memories in the email.

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