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Cupcake Cannon

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Does this mean the cupcake craze has about faded?

Lint is a shell's best friend

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Now that's a storm

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Pretty amazing storm. We get fronts in the fall that roll up as a wall, but I've never seen one this fast. via Sully

They're hoping for forgiveness

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A Lost Epilogue? No.  The ending they phoned in really was bad enough that I don't think my curiosity can be piqued that much.

He'd take Norris..

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Sully says he's the Chuck Norris of India. I think he's better, especially the move at 3:28.

Thursday notes

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Take me out to the ballgame Brian had some extra seats to tonight's Round Rock Express game, so Chaz and I headed out there for some baseball and brews in the heat. The seats next to the dugout are just an added bonus to "thirsty Thursday" where the mid-sized beers are half-price. It's a fun crowd, and the fans from Fresno were well behaved, mostly cause their team kicked the Express's butts.

Sunday we had an interesting day on a party barge on lake Travis with one of my ex-coworkers in honor of his 40th. Chaz and I were both taken aback at his nearly to term pregnant wife on the boat. They're going to deliver on Monday - it was really one of the last things I'd have expected on the weekend, but it should be real interesting seeing how their new kiddo changes things. The other thing that took us aback was having to tell the DJ to put on some PG music for the boat.. we were ok with some Snoop Dogg and "I'm on a boat" mutha-- f-bombs, but some of his friends had brought their kids, and when the lyrics went to something about 'teabag til you vomit' Chaz had enough of it.  After chewing the DJ a new one, he came back muttering something about the responsibility of being the oldest one on the boat.. and a few of the other guests thanked him.  Kids today.

It's been a pretty busy week with work for the insurance company in San Antonio, doing some stuff that's kind of stretched my SQL skills, but I figured out some cool tricks.

Tuesday Gigi had the agility field mostly to herself, as the instructor was out.  We're getting to the point where most of the obstacles are not a problem.. as seen below, the problems come when us handlers aren't quite giving clear directions to her. We're the ones that need the training.  We have to remember she's not even a year old yet though.. she's going to be good at this stuff.

Wednesday's big Prop 8 news from California is certainly worth noting, and I'm glad that there are voices of reason arguing for equality sooner rather than later. My hope is that goal of equality doesn't just affect those with the luck and the resources to have a marriage, but for everyone in their everyday life at work and school and on the street.

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