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But who's counting..

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.. if they're not going. *sigh*
Last night we booked a long weekend in Amsterdam. 110K miles, and 120K hotel points, and both of those accounts are about tapped out.  With only 12 days on the road so far this year, it's not looking like I'll have a chance to refill these this year.

With those numbers, the realization hit me that the travels for the rest of the year are going to cost some coin. *gulp*

Certainly it's not at all bad. Being at home with the little dog has been a blast, and we've gotten to do a lot of things together that typically we haven't done.

And, really, there's a lot worse things to do with the miles than to spend a joyous weekend in Amsterdam celebrating 2 birthdays and a 10th Anniversary.

We might try this recipe later

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Chef Chaz

Chaz went above and beyond last night. Prosciutto-wrapped grilled scallops, melon with prosciutto, ravioli in a white wine sauce of artichoke & capers & sun dried tomatoes, a Spanish white wine for dinner. While he was cooking, Kirk, Chris and I were setting up the outdoor movie theater. In keeping with light summer fare, we watched"The Bounty Hunter" for laughs, then Chaz brought out Avatar to give the PS3 & THX sound system something to chew on. Was quite a fun (late) night watching movies as the moon rose.

Sunset at Mt. Bonnell

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Entertainment on the cheap last night for the start of mom's visit. We packed up some fruit and a bottle of Prosecco and went to have sunset dessert up on Mt. Bonnell. Today starts off with a breakfast of eggs, fruit, coffee & more prosecco, then we've got to figure out what to do next. This evening some of the boys are coming by for a movie outside.

Now that it's safely behind me

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IMG_2607.JPGChaz and I did a wine makers' dinner at Trio for my birthday last month. Our dinner there last year was terrific and intimate and fun with the people and the food, but the format of this event was less engaging. Don't get me wrong, it was fun: the food was spectacular, and the wines were rich and fruity. This was one of few rare splurges this summer.

The weekend should be fun, with my mom coming through town today through Sunday. Chaz has a few things planned for her visit, and she's bringing her little dog, so maybe the two dogs will wear themselves out in the backyard over the weekend. One can hope.

Smoke 'em while you got 'em

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Rauchverbot? The times they are a-changing. Don't think I'll make it down there this year for the 200th anniversary, but next year maybe.
2010-07-21 20.25.16.jpg
Reviewing photos from last night, the evening light was pretty amazing at 8 as we hiked toward the stage.  The 3 tallest buildings are all the newest condo/hotel projects in downtown.  If we won the lottery? Yeah, probably live there and just bike over to the park here to have it as our yard.  Sometimes its a mess to share it (ACL/SxSW) but evenings like this make up for it.

Scene from Blues on the Green

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2010-07-21 20.45.47.jpg
KGSR has an annual free concert series called "Blues on the Green" and our friend Isaac called and said he'd be down there. We packed up Gigi and a backpack of evening outdoor essentials, and had a great time. Long hike from parking to the stage, but the grass in Zilker is amazingly soft, the crowds friendly, and the BoDeans were pretty awesome.  Gigi was indeed pretty much a blur the entire time, what with so many people out there, and other dogs like the husky puppy in close proximity.

Swimmers beware..

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Saturday Chaz and Gil organized a boat outing on Lake Travis, and one of my friends from Gatesville brought down his Jetski for us to ride around. Our cove was terrifically smooth for sliding and skating around, but the main core of the lake was full of chop. On the jetski it was particularly painful to be breaching and bouncing through wakes and waves. I'm still paying for it today.

The boat was just a pontoon boat, nothing fancy, but nice enough to tie up and float around with perch nibbling at my legs. Chaz made a lunch of jerk chicken sandwiches, chips, and a dessert of blackberry cobbler and ice cream.  In full summer heat, he had solid ice cream kept in a cooler with dry ice.

I kind of like Gil's boat club - he pays a set amount monthly for a year, and can check out a boat just about any weekday, and reserve 1 weekend day per month - though if a boat isn't being reserved on a weekend day, it's up for grabs. Sure sounds better than buying, insuring, towing, and eventually selling a boat on your own.  Maybe later on when the financial situation turns around.  Nonetheless, it sure is fun having friends with watercraft!

Oh four Tuna!

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Work has been quite the battle lately.

On the way to agility

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On the way to agility
Seriously, someone is looking forward to agility class!

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