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Let's GO

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Tonight was the first time back at class for the little dog with lots of energy. Agility class level 1, and she did really well as the youngest in the crowd. No problem with the tunnel, good work on the jumps, a little rambunctious between sit and up and down.. the trainer might need some training to get those straightened out.  Homework for next week - target touching, sit and not go down, and more 'stay'.

I've been cranking on a project for USAA and cleanup on a few other projects that aren't moving really fast.  This weekend should be a busy one with friends coming through from SF and from Stuttgart during the long weekend.


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No really, iTunes. The ability to resume a file transfer has been available for a long long time, yet my podcasts still begin at zero if I get interrupted.

On the way home

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ICE 515 is taking me to the airport, and I've got my trusty laptop, camera, 3G service, prosecco and coffee. The trip should fly by.

1 Mai

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The day of the worker, in Germany, replete with a day off from work, and demonstrations and parades. I totally didn't plan to be catching one of the larger union marches, but as I set out from the hotel on my call-a-bike, police were blocking the street, and I fumbled with my camera to catch the musicians at the start of the parade.

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