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Well poo.

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Sarah Palin will be in Austin on Thursday, and I'm going to miss the "Evening Without Sarah Palin". Hate that.

It worked in Switzerland, right?

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Elections this weekend in NRW have the town covered in posters. One party figures they can couch their xenophobia in building codes too.  Same poster even.


Brunch in Cologne

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Wow. Managed to keep myself awake untill about 1:30a local time, then when I crashed, I crashed hard.  11:30a was when I finally drug myself out of the bed to get moving and let housekeeping in the room. I had a good hour long pedal around the windy streets of Cologne, wiping dust out of my eyes and looking for somewhere interesting to eat, but wound up settling for a place on Friesenplatz only a short walk away from my hotel, Bar Cologne. They've got a nice brunch set out, fresh food, and good prosecco.  There's a bit of the painfully hip young crowd here, with their white pants, black jackets, and red raybans, but in the interior of the building, there's young families, and a few grey haired people reading the paper, and I recall that things are a bit egalitarian in some corners.

This is strangely the first trip of the year for me, and really the first one that's to somewhere where I don't have some people I know already. It's not been too problematic, at least for the first day - there's lots of exploring to do.

The flight over was a non-event, and in fact a bit disappointing. I thought it would be packed, but there were empty seats scattered across the plane, including next to me. The 747 kind of stunk though, literally, and there were no personal video screens so I did my best to snooze to stuff on my ipod.  The train was full, even in business class, so while the economy is still in the doldrums, people are still getting around.  Today a nap is probably in order, then a trip to the Agrippabad to stretch out a bit. Maybe some sun.

All's fair.

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(9:26:51 AM) Me: Soooo...
(9:26:54 AM) Me: Iceland.
(9:26:56 AM) Me: WTF
(9:27:01 AM) Me: their banks blow up
(9:27:06 AM) Me: their country is blowing up
(9:27:12 AM) Me: My transatlantic today got canceled
(9:27:22 AM) Lisa: we think it's revenge since the UK won the right to get them to pay us for bailing out UK savers
(9:27:47 AM) Lisa: so, in their mind, all's fair in finance and volcanoes
(9:28:12 AM) Me: lol
(9:28:13 AM) Me: nice
So I'm at city council today for a 2pm zoning issue... that doesn't get discussed till 3:20, but that's aside the point.

Acevedo is there at 2 to talk about fire recruiting.  Doesn't speak though.  Blasts out of council chambers after glancing at his blackberry.  Word had evidently leaked..

This dude could totally write his own ticket here in Austin.


We didn't completely win our zoning issue, but we got a concession from the other side that made it worth our while to go. Victory for us. 2 more readings and it's done.

There was a bigger issue at council earlier. http://tinyurl.com/ygzdq3a 

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