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It's about time..

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Google Translate for Animals is out!  I'm sure we'll never get Gigi to shut up now.


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Count us in

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Bluebonnets & Poppies

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One of our neighbors up the road has a field of bluebonnets and poppies. The poppies are a bit behind, but with the wet spring, they're going to go nuts soon.  It's my favorite time, these few weeks where the redbud trees are ablaze, and the mountain laurels are throwing fragrant blooms. Now we've got to figure out how to get the lawn to recover.

Today Chaz is 50

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And we're going to pull out all the stops.. especially when it comes to using these AARP discounts!
There will be a second LGBT 2010 Census Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, March 23rd at the Metropolitan Community Church, 8601 South 1st St. beginning at 7:00 PM.

Come learn about important changes made by the U.S. Census Bureau that will affect how lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are counted. The Census Bureau recently announced a policy change. When gay and lesbian couples indicate they are married on the 2010 form, the Census will count them as married. This makes the Census the first Federal agency to recognize marriage of gay and lesbian couples. While the Census does not ask anyone for their sexual orientation, it is important to note that knowing which "boxes" to check on the Census form will directly affect the counting of LGBT households.


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Malcolm Ingram, Director of "Bear Nation", and Bob Mould at the premier of Bear Nation - SXSW 2010.

Found while out and about at SXSW

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Suddenly I wake up on the time shift, and I'm back at SXSW on my shift of shuttling vip's around. Fortunately, no runs this morning, so got to follow Chris Glass around on a 'found photo' scavenger hunt. It was kind of entertaining watching these guys examining the details of dumpsters and grease tanks and alley trash while I took in the amazing blue skies and warm sun all around. It's spectacular that spring launches right here and right now with all this going on.

Chaz is working on cleaning up the house and the gardens for his 50th bday party next Saturday. There's lots to do back at the ranch for that, but it will be fun to have everyone visiting for it.


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There's a warm spring sun out there, and I'm cooped up in the office for the last few hours before I can get downtown to all the SXSW madness. Bag stuffing with thousands of people moving around in orchestrated chaos kind of wires you up, especially when you realize the thousands of thousands of swag bags represent millions in production dollars.. art, printing, fabrication, cds, shirts. Money chasing money and tons of people wandering the streets with all that stuff and spending plenty more. All week. Traffic's going to be a mess, parking horrible. Long hours spent in line. It's going to be great.

After the British Music Embassy success last year, this year, the Germans are making a go of it, with a few bands, and even a lunch with the Germans. Haven't heard the CD yet.. I wonder if the Dutch will join them next year?

Chaz's 50th comes next weekend.. right in the middle of all the activity. This will be a good week off.


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Where we had tomatoes stunted on the vine last summer, Chaz gave a winter crop a shot. We got teeny-tiny broccoli heads that were too small to eat, but the bees seem to like them. Cauliflower was also a bust, but we have a couple of nice cabbages that seem to be giving it a go. The weekend was tons of fun, with my Mom and her dog coming down this way for a weekend of what she calls 'grown up' fun. We took her to see Leslie and the Ly's which quite simply is the most bizarre show in gold spandex ever. ("Watch out for my body rolls!") I'm making a gem sweater for the next time she's through town!


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