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Juicy new infrastructure

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New major version of Movable Type! Hurrah!  Wonder what they added around here.

Austin Ventures email.

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* Group: Austin Ventures Network
* Subject: Announcement from Austin Ventures on Haiti relief fund.

Austin Ventures, Donna & Philip Berber, MFI Foundation, Silicon Labs, the Entrepreneurs Foundation and friends are providing match funding for central texas high-tech employees who donate to Haiti earthquake relief. The special interest fund will match donations up to $600,000 and counting. A grants committee, chaired by Austin Venture's Phil Siegel and currently including Glimmer of Hope Foundation's Phillip Berber, MFI Foundation President Lynn Meredith, Silicon Labs founder Dave Welland and EF's Eugene Sepulveda will direct these funds to the most effective organizations providing Haitian earthquake relief. In consultation with emergency relief professionals and others, it's been determined that the this weekend remains critical - we are wiring $250,000 today (1/15/2010) to assist in these efforts. To donate please visit: http://www.givetoaustin.org/helphaiti/


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ZOMG I can't handle all this CUTE!

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Happiness is a warm puppy.

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Chaz found a Jack Russell he couldn't live without, so we now have The Most Spoiled Puppy On The Planet living with us. Her name was Patches from the breeder, but Chaz likes either "Gigi" (pronounced with a soft G that sounds like the French 'je') or "Butch". Her first night here was of course nervous, so she wound up under the covers with Chaz till 6:30am when somehow I was nominated by a wet nose in my face to take her out. We'll be working on that crate training this week.

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