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Well, I'll do my very best....

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Same procedure as every year, James!

Well, alright!

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Annise Parker won her run-off for Houston mayor with a margin. There might be hope for this state beyond Austin after all.

Our treeS

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IMG_2034.JPGEmphasis on the plural. With Chaz, "It's not done until it's overdone!" With three trees, he's hoping Santa feels a little more generous. I'm sure he'll be plenty generous.


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Who knew so many hours could be lost watching approaches and departures, made even more hypnotic by listening to the traffic control in their English sprinkled with Dutch pleasantries. It can actually be tense.... "They told KLM868 to turn right.. will they do it? THEY DID!" I'm either getting really old, or really geeky.

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