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No, really. They can program too.

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We think we're advanced.. not really. we just are good with our fingers.

I forgot..

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  • .. the stronger than normal pull of the escalators going down to the Central line.
  • .. how the wind rushes through the stairs and passages of the underground as trains roll along.
  • .. the way people move slower in the rain on Oxford street.
  • .. how the nights can be warmer than the days as the jet stream surges through.
  • .. the speed at which the clouds barely 100 yards over the buildings zoom past at night, making the entire city seem in motion.
  • .. how much the English babble when out for a pint.
  • .. the path from Trafalgar square to Soho, until I stopped thinking about it and just walked, winding up where I wanted to be.
  • .. to look above the crowds on the sidewalks to avoid walking into people.Making eye contact and adjusting doesn't work here.
  • .. what the displays on said Oxford street look like at Christmas time, and what creativity goes into putting those all together.
  • .. the cacophony of languages being spoken on the street and in the buses. 
  • .. that I love being in London amidst all the chaos.

Stating the obvious

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Maybe I'm the only one that does that with mine any more.

Heady days in Germany

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With Merkel well received in DC, and the 20 year anniversary of the fall of the wall 6 days away, there's tons of introspection going on here, myself included. I was doing an exchange year in Freiburg with Kathryn & Leslie in '89, right in the middle of the turbulence caused by the balance of power shifting from one side of the continent to the other. And as I sell my labor here for some euros that translate into more dollars than usual, there's a certain balance of power across the Atlantic that's happening. It's certainly not all milk and honey here, to be sure as I sit here watching an hour-long nightline-like show about the state of civil rights for homosexuals. Things aren't quite resolved here either, despite the progress made in politics and social circles.

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