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Ugh. Monday.

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The weekend was pretty terrific, and makes Monday that much more of a pain to deal with. There was the last of the summer street festivals on Saturday which was "Klein aber fein", then Sunday was spent on a rented bike toddling around the Isar and the Oktoberfest grounds that are being built up. Standing in the Marienplatz at noon, waiting on my riding companion, I noted the shadows were long. This evening on the way home, the sun blinded me on the horizon at 6:30pm already. Here now at 8, its not yet dark, but it feels like fall is creeping up on us as we go about our routine. This is supposed to be my last week onsite, but since they don't have a platform on which I can install the software, things might be in flux. A lot of good it does to have someone come set up the system when there's nowhere to install it. I suppose it's their money.

Moon over Klenzestr.

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Walking home from dinner at Deutsche Eiche, the moon rises over Klenzestraße. It's been a busy couple of days with work. We went to see Inglorious Basterds at one of Munich's premier theaters.. nice place with LED stars in the ceiling and an enormous capacity. Thunderstorms on the way out prevented a group of us from processing the themes and photography of the movie as we headed our different directions. The weekend is shaping up to be quite interesting, with the Pestalozzistraße fest, and maybe some time in the biergarten. Summer is almost worth making it through the Bavarian winter.
IMG_1446.JPGSunday morning breakfast in the beer garden listening to church bells from every corner with a wheat beer, pretzels, and the white-wurst that is well known in these parts. It's not quite coffee & talking-heads politics on the leather couch, but it's familiar and what you do in these parts.

I managed to 'sneak' into Munich for my next work assignment, and surprised the snot out of Franz by turning up in his restaurant on arrival on the Sunday the ninth with out so much as a word. I sat at the bar, ordered a beer, chatted with his colleagues, waiting for him to show up from the back, eventually one of the coworkers saw Franz working in the back and asked him why he didn't let them know I was in town.

"David? Which David? Here?!!??" Heh. Success. Pretty much threw him for a loop for most of the week, although there wasn't much of a week to speak of. I was busy with work in a suburb of Munich, he went to Austria to see an opera in an ancient Roman quarry, and between it all, the first week of my business trip here flew by. I had a British coworker with me for the first part of the week, and the second part of the week was busy with getting re-situated from the suburbs into the city. Franz & his coworkers threw together a great dinner with the coworkers both last week and the first week, so good impressions were left all around, though long dinners are not conducive to my original plans of being in the gym every evening. Scheiße.

IMG_1449.JPG<<<--- Franz and co-workers polishing the brass before opening for the day.

Last weekend flew by with a street-party on Saturday, and a Sunday on the bike pedalling up and down the Isar. The city was empty, but the banks of the Isar were full with Müncheners escaping the heat. I didn't join them on the banks, rather opted to pedal over to the Michaelibad to swim some. Bad idea - everyone from Munich that couldn't make it to the Isar was at the pool. The water was refreshing, but the crowds were insane.

Last week was a week of routine - 7am up, at work by 8:30, work in an unairconditioned office till 5 or 6, then home for an evening of TV and bread and seeing what crisis popped up on the accounts back home. The office has been a bit grueling.. while the temperatures outside are pretty nice by Texas standards, the south-facing office becomes a sweatbox in the afternoons with no AC. All of us have sweatstains by 3pm, and we're all going through the bottles of water like there's no tomorrow. This week might have things be a bit more moderate, we'll see. Today's starting off well, and I've got a bike rented, so I can run with the locals out to the river, though Franz wants to do a biergarten in the afternoon as well. We'll see what happens.

At home the good news is Chaz has things keeping him busy, and there are some job interviews coming for him, so he's keeping up with things there.

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