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Survived birthday weekend, car's back now.. and there's more Autotuned news!

Crunch Time..

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Just a fender-bender, but I'm sure the parts are in the bazillions of dollars range.
  • Having to do 3 peoples' jobs at work.
  • Feeling exceptionally fat.
  • Got rear-ended while stopped in traffic.. I'm fine, car's gotta go in shop. 2 other drivers had a piece of paper with insurance information... no guarantee it was real, but whatever.
  • Chaz is recovering well but insurance for PT running out.
  • Have to get to DPS to get driving license renewed.
  • Tons of coworkers are sick in the office. Ebola, SARS, H1N1.. it's all being hacked up in the break room.
  • Had an AMAZING dinner at Trio Austin.. would like to do it again, but need special occasion.
  • Big ghey weekend events in Austin.
  • Looking forward to July in Munich.
On the plus side, after Obama spoke in Cairo, I'm far less worried about visiting Egypt. It's amazing what having a statesman represent a nation means for us all.

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