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Morning Joe gets autotuned

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It was only a matter of time before my morning TV fix made Autotuned news. Great line... "Ain't nobody have a breakfast with all sausage and no eggs." HA!

Where I'm a total starfooker

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The queer comedian Bobaloo that I saw in LA a few years ago and have followed is going to be on my favorite show from last summer. And Nakia has a show booked at Central Market that I think I can drag Chaz out to see! This will be fun.

Rural New Jersey

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It's quite lovely: verdant hills, rolling countryside, prolific wildlife scampering about like deer, rabbits, groundhogs.
It's quite boring: a few diners along the highway, thankfully a Y to work out at, and little else.
The work is challenging this week, not cause of the technology, but because of the environment of a very meticulous customer able to ferret out some pretty silly issues that really would be nice to have, but they're not there. Life's rough all over.
One more day of it, and out on an early flight on Friday home.

Softball Photos!

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The Houston boys ran through Austin for the softball tourney 2 weekends ago. Its nice to have some friendly faces around town.

First stop I make in Rajastan

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ZOMG I could use one of these about now.

Location Location Location

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Wow. Just wow. A barbershop grand opening with a DJ & open bar. Suddenly I'm feeling too old to be seen in the hipster part of town. Noteworthy that most in the photos need a haircut.
Oh sure, why not - let's try tomatoes on the side of the house that gets more sun this time. Hopefully this will lead to more than just the 6 tomatoes we had last year. Chaz got some containers and sawed 'em up and filled 'em full. We've got some squashes, some beans, the tomatoes, and a few kinds of basil. So far so good.
Work is a bit frustrating at the moment, having a customer in Poland who's basically getting my services for free. Not going to help my paycheck, but the work is interesting.
Chaz has a case of cabin fever pretty fierce, but there's not much he can do with limited mobility, other than look down the road for things to come. We've got a trip to Germany booked in about 8 weeks, so there's the goal to be mobile for.

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