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How do they do it?

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This has been exhausting physically & mentally. I've got new respect for caregivers and parents and nurses everywhere after 10 days of caring for a recuperating partner. My emotions have run the gamut over the course of this, and yet he's the one that gets the meds. He's doing well though, and I see lots of improvement.

I've been fortunate that work has been able to accommodate the variable schedule.

The week started off with some good rain, and the garden and the yard are growing in leaps and bounds. This weekend will be spent taming a lot of that down.

Remote Control Torture device

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It's good having him home, rather than having to truck down to the hospital on the other side of town, but it looks like this will be a full time job helping him through the convalescence. He's got to do this torture machine at least 6 hours a day, and get it to where it can move him to a 120 degree angle. He's nearly at 60, so doing pretty good.

I've had to laugh at some of the side-effects of his medication regimen. Evidently he's having some good hallucenations, including one where mormons came and talked to him in the hospital, then today he asked.. "So who's this guy you know in Atlanta that's having his home remodeled and it turned into a big production". I never said anything like that, but he was watching home improvement shows and I *had* talked about someone FROM Atlanta here in Austin with someone while he was dozing in the hospital. His brain is reassembling the fragments in interesting ways.

Patiently waiting

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Chaz got a shower this morning, so he's feeling much better. They've filled out the discharge paperwork, so this afternoon he should be able to go home. Of course I brought the wrong vehicle to cart him home, so I get some miles today. I was speaking with a friend last night, and it hit me at once that I really didn't get notified when the day came where I all the sudden know all kinds of people that have had parts replaced or cancers removed. There really should be a notification sent out so that you have time to adjust.

New Knee update

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Today's Chaz's 2nd day of recovery, and its probably going to be his most difficult. The femoral block came out at 6am, and when I got there at 7:30, the pain was setting in. The meds prevented him from feeling the incision, but it's there now. Part of the recovery to get home however is to use oral meds to manage the pain, so he's leaning a bit less on the PCA button, and having the nurses come visit with pills a bit more. This morning  the PT had him up on it and he probably did 50 yards or so with the walker, surprising himself that he could put weight on it.  Hopefully this afternoon he'll get the OK to rinse off the shower and clean up a bit. I'm pretty tired from staying up there late, then getting up early to get back down there.

The hospital has been really excellent. It's dedicated to elective surgery - orthopedics, plastic surgery, lap bands - and as such, doesn't really have any 'sick' people around which kind of eases some of the anxiety I had about secondary infections like my dad had.  The staff has been small and friendly, and his room is enormous with an outdoor patio even.  Someone said the place used to be a maternity hospital only, but that business didn't make it. I'm a bit suspicious about the high hottie quotient of both genders at the place, but they've all been smart and professional, so I suppose that's just part of running a business in tres chíc Westlake.

Work hasn't seen me in the office too much, but I'm there for the conference calls I need to do, and yes, the early wakeup means I have a few more hours overlap with one of the customers in Berlin that I'm helping out at the moment. Fortunately it looks like I'll be able to be in town next week before going to DC the week following for a quick install. By then Chaz may be a bit more mobile.

First steps

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And he's off! Full of drugs, but still.


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Looks like a robo-knee to me! Doc said it took longer than expected due to bone spurs, but he's going to be lots better.


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He's much braver than me.

A couple of kids

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So the fun thing about having inlaws that have a farm, is occasionally there are moments like this. The baby goats were just born on Friday, so sending the 2 year old chasing after them with his sisters just seemed like the thing to do to show the goats that life's not easy. Daniel's sisters caught their kids, though Daniel had a good time doing some problem solving getting through the fence.

Chaz has a few more hours with his manufacturer's original right knee that's failed him. It comes out at noon today, to be replaced with this sweet piece of hardware. Drueck die Daumen!

Playing tonight....

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Remains to be seen if we go out.


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Our local NPR station, KUT has a little bumper they use that goes along the lines of "Ahh, springtime in Austin, the blooming wildflowers, the warm days and cool nights, all signaling that there are about two weeks until the landscape turns brown under the heat of the unrelenting Texas sun!" It is a joyous time, and these little guys are prolific on my drive out to work every morning.


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