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Now it feels like work

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5am Monday I got up to get my clothes on, get out the door, and join the silent khakis & blue-jacketed troops on the shuttle bus from the airport remote parking to the terminal. A few focused on their blackberries and strawberries and iphones on the short trip, and I took a breath and wondered to myself how this week would play out.

I've been shipped to Albuquerue NM to do an installation that should only take 20 hours or so, but circumstances might make it stretch out to the end of the week, given that I have to have an escort with me, and, well, they have to throw me out of the building if they want to have a classified meeting.  That stretches the time.  Fortunately, there's a library on Kirtland AFB that has some wireless signal for me to catch email, rather than having to run to Starbucks to get an overpriced coffee with too much milk just so I could verify things with the mother ship.  Having misread the opening hours of the library though, this morning I'm standing out in front of it basking in the sun, using the signal, and listening to Revillie being played. They still do that.

Its nice being here without a lot of the familial obligations that always came with a visit.  Flights were good, weather is excellent, and the ever changing sky stretching westward is something to marvel from the high point of the city against the Sandias.  It should be a mostly quiet week; I got to catch up with my friend Dominick last night as he invited me by for some leftover homecooked italian food, and tonight I'm going to catch up with my Dad's youngest brother at the UNM basketball game.  I've not been keen on watching basketball, but its something to do and back in a few dusty recesses of my mind I recall watching Albuquerque Dukes games with my uncle as a kid.  I'm looking forward to gooey nachos and a loud game.

PT started just down the way. Maybe I should go do some pushups.
Coming up this weekend is the 3rd Annual Beard & Moustache Competition on Friday.

I might just make it out to The Mohawk for that, although not as a contestant. Mine's not nearly interesting enough.

More Stadtaffen

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Peter Fox's newest single, with Banksy-esqe animation, and some intensely self-aware gritty lyrics ending in a recognition of being part of the city.

I've been on a German kick in recent weeks, as Chaz and I have planned a summer vacation to visit Franz and do a few events there around his birthday. It's the first time I've had to pay for a 'high-season' ticket to go over there, and the $1400 that American took from me is just the start, what with the pile of other fees they'll collect en route. I'm convinced they're crooks at that airline.
02-11-09_0725.jpgSpotted blocking out the sunrise on my drive home after working out this morning. The St. Pauli girl looks so much more innocent on the back of a beer truck.
The week's looking pretty good, after a relatively normal weekend of puttering around the house and heading out to a 'trailer warming' for a friend that's opting out of a house with a foundation in favor of a mobile life. Big TV, nice shower - he's got what he needs, though it might get crowded between him, 2 dogs and a beggar of a cat.
Last night we had a spring storm blow through and finally give us some rain after weeks without. It wasn't enough to get the bluebonnets started, but I'm sure my grass needed it.
I'll never turn off my phone on a plane until its in the air, and I certainly won't turn to a fellow passenger during the loading or taxiing and say anything like "It looks like we'll get off the ground on time" until we're actually off the ground on time. It's a trap. Karma slaps down that hubris every chance it gets.

When I wrote about a job opportunity in December and it got away from me, a new superstition was born as a new job opportunity came along in January.  Radio silence.  It's between me and them and people on the phone. Now that I got through the interview, got the job, and actually got my first paycheck, I think I can exhale now. It's going to be a pretty good opportunity, with a bit less travel than before, and a challenging product to support. I like the co-workers, and while I have to commute 20 minutes or so to get to the office, it's nice to have an office in which to work. 

We're certainly not out of the woods, as Chaz's contract is due to expire in May, and I'll have to hustle to prove some value to this company. I don't want to be the "last in, first out" kind of guy. Nonetheless, we made a few things that were on our 'wish list' that were going to take some money. Well, maybe not a few, rather just got some wine and got a hot tub with some no-interest financing.  If we get laid off again this year, we'd like to have a better quality of unemployment.

Work has me in training this week. I'm feeling smarter already.

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