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With leagues of undead walking Austin, things have been a bit busy around here. I'll be right with you. Via


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01-08-09_1609.jpgAn amazing warm sunny winter day to be out hiking around Lady Bird Lake.
05janinvite.jpgI, honest to FSM, have NO right to moan about it, but it's getting embarrassing how the High Holy Days just will. not. stop. So much for all those things I said I'd do on the weekend after the HHD end.  Recapping the party & xmas travels? Postponed again. New Years party photos? Postponed unless I can get 'em done tomorrow. Typically, the HHD run from Thanksgiving through the New Year, with house parties and happy hours and what not, but this year we've been overly fortunate. Before this gem came in the mail, we had scheduled a party in Houston on 1/3, then a party in Dallas on 1/10, and then a Chinese New Year on 1/24 in Austin. (Happy 4707!!).  Today in the snail mail we get this invite that fills in the weekend of January 16 with a birthday party!  Somehow the HHD have managed to roll right on into January, and I'm delighted by it, but dang the wine steward at Spec's is tired of seeing me each week to pick up a gift bottle.  I should have bought a case.

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