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Upgrade time..

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MT 4.23 installed. Let's rebuild everything!

Gallery Update - Brunch

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Holiday Brunch Photos

I've gotten my photos from the 2008 Holiday Brunch up into my gallery today. There's a few good ones there, and a full recounting to come.

I think we helped

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Today was the day the Board of Managers for the Travis County Healthcare District was to meet and approve purchase of the land near us for the new clinic, so it was the last time Charles & I had to stand against an angry mob of neighbors. Reviewing the speaker's list, the first two speakers from the community scared us initially: former city councilwoman Betty Dunkerly (who we voted for), and former mayor Bruce Todd. Having not read today's paper, we didn't know what was to come, but after Betty started encouraging approval of the site, relief washed over us. Vindication that some 'big guns' stood with us. We couldn't get supporters with us at any of the meetings before, but the arguments Betty used about access and the centrality to all the community were some of the same ones I used. Someone listened. Heads are surely exploding across the street, so the hard work is still ahead for the staff of TCHD in helping the neighbors realize that it's not 'those people' being served, but instead it's 'us'.

Healthcare District Board Approves Purchase of Land for New Community Health Center

Today, the Travis County Healthcare District Board of Managers unanimously approved the purchase of a 7.4-acre parcel of land at 1210 W. Braker Lane for $1,386,780 to serve as the home for a new community health center.

The North Central Community Health Center, scheduled to open to the public in 2010, will serve approximately 20,000 patients per year and offer a full range of health care services, including primary and specialty care, diagnostic services and more. The addition of this Health Center will expand needed services for eligible residents within Travis County.

The board also voted unanimously to direct staff to develop and implement, with input from the board, a process to engage the neighborhood in a constructive dialogue about how the site should be developed. Staff is to provide the board an evaluation of costs involved in the construction of the facility as the project planning continues. Finally, the board instructed staff to develop a process to engage the neighborhoods and related stakeholders in the area of the current Northeast Community Health Center to develop a thorough understanding of the health care needs of that neighborhood and develop a plan to address them appropriately.

As the process to acquire this land has been ongoing, much information has been made available to the public. Various documents, data, presentations and other information can be found online at the dedicated North Central Community Health Center Web site at The District will maintain this site as the project progresses in order to stay in communication with all interested parties.

This message was sent by: City of Austin Community Care Services Dept., 15 Waller Street, Austin, TX 78702

Twelve Twelve

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The full moon off of Orion's shoulder is amazingly brilliant.  No decision on the job, but a good week behind me.

Secret Ingredient

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IMG_0294.jpgChaz is baking for our brunch on Sunday. MMmmmmm.

Paranoid People...

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..are looking for 'organic xmas trees' this year.
IMG_0289.jpgI broke the Gherkin. Now I haz a sad.


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I'm going to miss the opening of Munich's new (M)Apple store this weekend.


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IMG_0288.JPGSomehow it's December, and I'm not really sure how. Austin isn't New England by any stretch of the imagination, but there's plenty of color to be seen, and somehow my pecan trees have managed to drop a crap-ton of leaves this year. Maybe the fact that I used real insecticide on the summer webworms instead of the eco-friendly and non-functioning BT stuff had something to do with that. Yesterday the wind was out of the north for a blustery cold morning, and today gulf moisture is streaming up from the south which means a nice open-window day. This evening will bring another cold front hurtled down from Canada, so down the windows will go. This part of Texas winter is the best.
Yesterday's interview where I presented my homework went really well, I think. Got there in plenty of time to set up, looked sharp in suit and 'batteries not included' tie, was ready and up to greet people, presented, fielded questions, got stumped only once or twice, but not so much as to detract from all of it. At the end I asked for my 'grade' to see if they were ready to have me start. In good nature they laughed me off, but the hiring manager said I was in pretty good standing. HR rep echoed that on the phone today as well. They've got to yet hear a presentation from another candidate, so we'll see. The manager was looking for a January start date, although I'm kinda ready to go to work now, I can hold off. Meanwhile, I've thrown my name into the hat for a few more positions in case the other guy kicks my butt.
12-02-08_2121.jpgHEB is carrying Yorkie bars now in the foreign foods section. I bought another M150 as well.

Chaz Goes North

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chazdec208flt.jpgI got up with him at 4:15am to take him to the airport. He's going to train the Minnesotans on his software. Big milestone for him, but like me, he wonders why they always make us travel in the winter.
Weekend was terrific, started off with the parents, then had friends over Saturday and Sunday. Two major events are done.

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