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Kreizdämlicher labbeduddel!

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Yeah, I would have put the Grumbiere in the wrong place too!
10-24-08_1643.jpgWhere else but MT Supermarket can you vote to change the direction of the country, and pick up a bag of vegetarian intestine. While for a moment I thought it was the intestine of something that was a vegetarian, but in context of the tofu section, its clearly just a near-meat product.
The only race I was undecided on until yesterday was a city proposition to change the city charter in how it handles subsidies to developers. Once I saw the local weekly backed me up, I voted with the mayor.

There it is! A way to embed!

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Es lebe Berlin

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February 2004, I escaped dank wet London to go to Berlin for a weekend. Not much warmer, but I recall walking around upon arrival by a neighborhood park, and hearing and seeing birds outside for the first time in a long time. 

The other strong imprint was two buskers that got on the U2 from Nollendorfplatz, both with muted brass. They slipped into the crescendo of Take Five as the train slid out of the station. My skin contracted in a chill, and time bent around the sound and the place. I wasn't the only one to tip them well.

I can listen to this over and over, and that memory hasn't faded. I hope it doesn't.

The following twenty-three candidates running in the November election earned
the endorsement of the Austin Lesbian/Gay Political Caucus (ALGPC) because of
their strong support of the GLBT community and our issues.

Stand Up for Those Who Stand Up For Us. Help ALGPC back our candidates in
ways that count. You can play a vital role in electing candidates that support
LGBT equality by making a donation or volunteering for a campaign.

US Senate - Rick Noriega (http://www.ricknoriega.com)

US Congress, District 10 - Larry Joe Dougherty (http://www.larryjoe.com)

US Congress, District 25 - Lloyd Doggett (http://votedoggett.com)

Texas Supreme Court, Chief Justice - Jim Jordan (http://www.judgejimjordan.com)

Texas Supreme Court, Place 7 - Sam Houston

House District 46 - Dawnna Dukes (http://www.dawnnadukescampaign.com)

House District 47 - Valinda Bolton (http://www.valindabolton.org)

House District 48 - Donna Howard (http://www.votedonna.com)

House District 49 - Elliot Naishtat

House District 52 - Diana Maldonado (http://www.dianamaldonado.com)

Third Court of Appeals - Woodie Jones (http://www.woodiejones.com)

Judge, 98th District Court - Rhonda Hurley (http://www.judgerhondahurley.com)

Judge, 353rd District Court - Scott Ozmun (http://www.ozmunforjudge.com)

Judge, 427th District Court - Jim Coronado (http://www.judgejimcoronado.com)

County Court at Law 8 - Carlos Barrera (http://www.carloshbarrera.com)

County Commissioner, Precinct 3 - Karen Huber (http://www.votekarenhuber.com)

Sheriff - Greg Hamilton (http://greghamiltonforsheriff.com)

Travis County District Attorney - Rosemary Lehmberg

Tax Assessor-Collector - Nelda Wells Spears (http://www.neldaspears.com)

Constable, Precinct 2 - Adan Ballesteros (http://www.adanballesteros.com)

Constable, Precinct 3 - Richard McCain (http://www.richardmccain.com)

Constable, Precinct 4 - Maria Canchola (http://mariacanchola.com)

Constable, Precinct 5 - Bruce Elfant

Voting Locations

Early voting begins on Monday, Oct. 20 and runs through Friday, Oct. 31.

Early voting locations list at:

Mobile voting locations list at:

Find your Election Day voting location at:


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6oct08stocks.jpg"They" say this might be a time to buy. My cash position is thankfully not changed, and this isn't on margin. So much for retiring.


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IMG_9938.JPGChaz manages to clear a path a bit for the beer krugs coming through our box at the Bräurosl tent. I've got some time to start going through these photos now.
IMG_0078.JPG23 September 08

Evacuee Update

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IMG_0133.JPGHere are 2 of our 3 Galveston Evacuees. Andy on the left is faring quite well, Rowdy however, has suffered a bit of a setback. Dave got a hotel room from FEMA, and well, Rowdy's tail got caught in a self-closing door at the hotel. About 2 inches of tail cut clean off. It was quite a dramatic morning, and as a result, he's got some ornamentation to wear to keep him from chewing out his stitches. He's all upset by it, as evidenced in the photos. Dave went to Galveston last weekend and salvaged most of his stuff to an apartment that wasn't damaged. Word from the island is that power is back on, so he'll probably head back there on Sunday. We're willing to keep Rowdy and Andy, but I don't think Dave will go for it.

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