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Chaz spotted this in the classifieds of the WSJ paper. I'm pretty sure that there's not 10 acres there any more.

We're back in Austin. Everything on the trip went so very well since Sunday, that it'll be hard to find the real highlights. I know we're both relaxed and we've been far too well-fed on the road, so we'll have to just mellow into work today.


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  • Busy in Munich. Beer, fun, sun.
  • Went to Vienna early in the week. Was fun, but cold and wet.
  • Everyone made it on time relatively.
  • A little bit of drama happened since I'm having to share Munich with 3 other Americans including Chaz.
  • Had a moment of serendipity as I sat in Franz's restaurant watching drama ensue among his coworkers and watching tourists. Things don't change, and that's sometimes good to know.


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The bags made it.
We made it.
Sometimes a plan comes together.

Looks like Galveston didn't make it.*gulp*  I talked with Dave from Newark and he's doing as well has can be expected under the circumstances.  Ike made BIG news here in Germany. It led both radio and TV news here at midday.  N24 has a reporter in Galveston even.

Munich is a bit cold and grey today. We're going to think about what to do tomorrow since its kinda crummy. Beer bust at 4pm today!

Notes from underway

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No rain and no wind in Austin from Ike.

Made our flight to Newark, and looks like we'll make our flights to Amsterdam and Munich without major issues.

This makes us happy.

Evacuee Invasion and Other Nuttiness

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IMG_9649.JPGWe've got our our Galveston refugees again. Dave, Rowdy & Andy got out of there yesterday morning, and it's always fun to have them, although Dave hates the circumstances. They'll take care of the place if and when Chaz and I get to start our vacation.

Right now its looking grim for our adventure to start tomorrow. We got rebooked from today's flight to fly Saturday at 11:53am out of Austin over Newark NJ to Europe. Though if the winds are bad on Saturday, that might still fall through. We'll roll with it however.

I had a surprise chat with Lisa today - seems that one of her coworkers is coming to Austin from London on Monday for a conference, but as the evacuees have filled the hotels here in Austin, there's nowhere for him to stay. Well, except maybe my place if we get out of town. And there might even be evacuee Dave to help get him acquainted. So if he does wind up getting to Austin, and he does wind up crashing at my place, I'm sure its going to be a very interesting trip for him. Dogs, hurricanes, strange city, house being remodeled. Its nutty.


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Cat 4 Galv.jpgSo I've been checking the Continental operations site to see what might be changing, and sure enough, they announced the closure of the Houston hub for Friday. Our reservation to get outta town was no longer valid. I think I was one of the first on the phone to the reservations desk, as the agent said "They're closing Houston? Nice of them to let us know." We're now rebooked through Newark on Saturday, so should make our connection to Munich without issue. The chestnut trees on the Viktualienmarkt await!

Ike's going to bring a storm surge, and the image here shows what its going to look like. This isn't going to be standing water, rather just the surge. Our Galveston refugee, Dave, is here now with his dogs Rowdy and Andy. His apartment is on a bayou, so it remains to be seen if he'll have a wet apartment or not.


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I have insured Hurricane Ike will not hit Austin. 

Cleaning up the backyard and making it windproof has guaranteed that it will be a lovely weekend at home, with sunshine and breezes.

Houston, however, will be clobbered.


Ike? Yike! Or, it's all in the timing..

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ike2008910.jpgChaz and I were to leave Austin on Saturday to fly to Munich for Oktoberfest, but with Ike looming, we moved those plans to Friday morning, considering we're flying through Houston. It means we may have to scrounge for a place to stay Saturday night in Amsterdam, but I'd rather get out of town before flights get cancelled. Even Friday is iffy - I've got a car reserved in Houston at the airport in case the leg to Amsterdam gets cancelled and we wind up being in Houston a night. Seeing as the tropical storm remnants are going to drive up IH-35, we're going to tie down things in the backyard before we go.

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