Pittsburgh At Oh-dark-thirty

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IMG_9361.JPGIn business parlance, I 'leveraged' my insomnia and noisy hotel neighbors into a pre-dawn commute, with an excursion up Mount Washington above downtown to see the sun rise. 6:36am. I'm not a fan of that hour, and its not as impressive as the sun rising over the East Baray in Siem Reap, but if I consider that at that very moment on that side of the globe there's a stack of tourists climbing up on top of the ruins of Angkor to watch the sun set, I think I can feel my blood pressure drop just a bit.

I ducked out of the conference room at the customer site that's served as my desk this week, and into the funky Beehive Coffeehouse for a spot of tea and a few bits of internet. Pretty cool place. Its been a long week here already doing tug-of-war.

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