Clinic Meeting

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Last night, the County Health District took its lumps and stood in front of the cranky neighbors to tell them the plans for the clinic site.  The paper has given it some good coverage, It did get raucous for a few moments, and the questions given the health district to answer were embarrassing to hear, knowing that they came from people that live just across the street of all places. "Will you be serving drug addicts?" "How will you insure your clients are not illegal immigrants?"  Does it feel good for these fine neighbors to live in such fear?  Rather than get something out of the deal, these cranks want to grandstand and live in abject denial that they're part of a community that extends beyond their driveway.  Combined with the physical disarray of the house, last night was mostly sleepless for me.  Hopefully the AC will get turned on today, and we'll begin to find some normalcy.

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minispace said:

*slightly off topic on*

Where were you today ??

*slightly off topic off*

On topic: are these neighbours Dutch? Sound like they are ...

David Author Profile Page said:

Sadly, I'm too many hours away from the Prinzengracht and many happy friends having many happy moments there where the Amstel has its dam.

So you think they're being just as stubborn as the Dutch, eh? It really is disappointing.

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