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  • Last week was in Ft Collins and Denver CO.  Great weather, good training, good connection with cowokers.
  • This week a project in Pittsburgh PA.
  • Entering Pittsburgh from the tunnels through the hills is amazing. The city is carved from the rocks and the rivers.
  • Free Wifi in downtown. Cool.
  • AC at house works. Cool.
  • Flight from IAH to PIT with fidgety Unaccompanied Minor in next seat. Not so cool.
  • Next week back in Pittsburgh. Short assignment.
  • The Dutch are having problems with installation of Systinet. Disappointing.
  • Overbooked hotels in PIT - not so cool.
  • Looked at a few houses more toward central Austin. Might see how we can leverage what we've got.
  • Looking forward to heading to Munich.
  • Always check clock radio in hotel prior to going to sleep to make sure maid hasn't change it to hip-hop station.
  • Summer in places where the temperature outside is below 80 is amazing.
  • Given enough rope, customers will certainly hang themselves. High.

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minispace said:

Dear Sir,

I would like to complain in the strongest possible terms about this here programme-thingy you flogged upon us called Systinet.

For one, we don't like the name. It must have been invented by a person bored out of his head.

For two, the complimentary rope you provided with this product was far too long. Broke both my legs and the kitchen table.

Naturally, we'll sue. We'll settle for an AC.


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