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Photographic Evidence

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Some springtime photos have been updated at my gallery including this first little fruit off the cherry tomato plant. it was just a bit on the sour side; we'll have to see how the others come out.

Also a shot or two from Houston last weekend where Chaz and I watched Kramer in his role as pitcher for the softball team.

Hunker down.

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Changing working conditions

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$15 for the FIRST bag. The overheads are going to be friggen bursting at the seams.

Backyard Project

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IMG_8697.JPGIf putting together IKEA stuff paid well, I could do it all day. We bought a Storön table, and Äpplarö chairs. The little Dewalt driver makes short work of putting all the little pieces together. We've got great summer weather for working outside.

Only two things money can't buy, that's true love and homegrown tomatoes.

The little guys are still all green - they're not quite ready for prime time yet.

Tomato-ey goodness on the way

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IMG_8675.jpgThe cherry tomatoes are stretching themselves out nice long stems of fruit, and the 'big boy' 'maters are working on getting bigger and juicier. I know they're all going to ripen within 5 minutes of each other and I"m going to have to have a bunch of people over for way too much salad.
Last week I went and saw Monkey in his new "78704 - Its not just a zip code, its a way of life" house. He's got a swanky pad, I must say. Though he's gotta get his banana BMW bike back in shape, so we can head out on the highway.
Thunderstorms on Wednesday night brought funnel clouds just to the north of my place, and devastating hail just south. I went for my last acupuncture treatment, and couldn't park in their lot, as the tree branches and debris was being cleared.


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IMG_8659.jpgFebruary saw me destroy my plantar by running around the Netherlands with bad shoes. Rather than bear with it for 6-18 months, Dr. Zhu is fixing me right up. 4 treatments over 2 weeks, and I'm nearly back to good as new. I like that.
Mom came for a mother's day extravaganza over the weekend, complete with a fancy dinner and a chaotic brunch at our house featuring Chaz's family and far too much food and nieces and nephews running amok. Certainly we're glad to have that special time behind us.
Work is chugging along at a slow pace. The dutch want some work done, so I'm doing that.

Fake Steve is calling it..

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We'll see. "Kiss our rings".  Heh.

Green Porno

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Isabella Rossellini is captivating as various bugs in their mating rituals for Sundance's "Green Porno".
IMG_8628.jpgThese two Century plants are giving it all they've got, and have some massive flower stalks to prove it. They're right around the corner from the house, and I snapped this as I walked by on the way to pick up the motorcycle. Driving past, I never noticed, but on foot the flowers were abuzz with bees. A few show up in this shot.

Iron Man roundup..

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.. of product placements:
Verizon, Burger King, Audi, Cisco, Dell (That's a good one tho.. lots of good Dell logos - Austin geeks)..

Did I miss any?

Early Voting

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may20087vote.jpgI did my civic duty and voted local today. This is the first time I've seen early voting at the grocery store in our relatively new "China Town Center", which is less than a mile from my house. They had the machines set up in the lobby of the MT Supermarket, along with the poor old gringo voting clerks who obviously have been a little overwhelmed by the cacophony of smells from the market. The MT has about 12 tanks of live seafood, and quite an assortment of dried herbs and fish and meat along with vegetables that really could be an aromatic assault to those that chose to interpret it as foul. Its really quite mild compared to some markets Chaz and I went to in Laos last year, so I kind of like indulging in a bit of reminiscing when I walk in there; the world is that much smaller.
In the Place 3 race, where the incumbent has been a brat and changed her mind when expedient, I voted for the newcomer, for the change. The folksy slogans like 'hates traffic, loves queso' are charming, but she'd better be ready to have her ear bent on my neighborhood's zoning issues.

Oh and..

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Roger, seriously, STFU. You're just digging yourself a deeper hole.

Baby Baby Tomato Tomato

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IMG_8619.JPGThey're just going nuts now. The cherry tomatoes are looking good as well. We've had a few days of rain, and its been good for them.
It's local election season here in Central Texas. I'm pretty much going to vote with the Chronicle on their endorsements; they're not out of line. On a motorcycle ride through eastern Travis & Williamson county this weekend, I saw a sign that made me almost want to move to Hutto, just to vote "Bear for Mayor". (Seriously, a domain name with an imperative like 'bearfixhutto' just cannot be ignored!) Hutto is not without its problems, though.
On the election theme, while I voted Clinton in the primaries, Obama's stance this weekend on the talking heads, where he nailed the ' gas tax holiday' as a gimmick has swung me to his side. Really, to me its more important to have the testicular fortitude to reject a crappy plan, than to stand behind a crappy plan. Of course, in my work, customers ask for a crappy plan, but then they pay for it. Dearly.

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