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I have served.

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Apparently the parties settled their case 20 minutes before the jury selection process was to take place.
My whopping $6 check for showing up is on its way.


Man colds suck

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IMG_8175.jpgChaz was home on Wednesday with a nice head cold, and the bug decided to attack me on Friday afternoon into Saturday.  And I probably am just as bad as Nick Frost is, but Chaz won't let me call the paramedics. Why is it he gets a day off work, and I wind up couch-bound on a warm sunny weekend?  Really not fair. He could take care of me, but he's busy on a project in the master bedroom.  As much paint as he's going through, I'm wondering if he's got something going on with someone in the paint department of Home Depot. Its suspect.

Work has had me in Atlanta and in Cincinnati, and this last week was spent doing knowledge transfer with coworkers over the wire. Its a bit challenging not being able to coach someone in person, but they're making progress. I've got the (mis?) fortune of reporting Monday to jury duty downtown. It should be quite an adventure. Maybe the bedroom will be finished before the trial is over?

I have a man cold too.

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And I'm a criminal until proven otherwise twice a week by putting my shoes on a conveyer. Clowns.

JMG-filter content

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Food Pyramid

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Am in Cincinnati, Ohio doing work with HP & a little soap manufacturer. Its fun.

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