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San Antonio NYE

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We're down in San Antonio for our annual New Years Eve thang. Weather is warm, food is good. 100_2016.JPG

Marketing genius

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Every commercial break of this UT game on espn has an ad for Flowmax or some prostate drug. "Going all the time?" it asks.  WTF.  It couldn't possibly just be all the beer you're drinking while watching this game, so go ask the doc!

My stock tip? Keep buying big pharma.

Adventures in Plumbing

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Not that today was a day off, but certainly a work-at-home day, which lends itself to all kinds of diversions when regular work is a bit dull. The bathroom that had been remodeled about 10 years ago is showing some age - a few drips, some corrosion here and there, so today's project was replacing shower and vanity cartridges.

Looking at the calcium deposits on the old shower stem, I understand where the drips were coming from now. Of course the project grew in scope over the course of the day. Changing the vanity stems cause a connecting hose to start leaking. Makes sense, they're 10 yrs old as well, so they got changed out as well. $110 and a few hours of work, and I think all the leaks are stopped, and the drips are stopped, and the faucets look a little shinier now. I'm glad the shower didn't leak when I put it back together; I would have been in deep doo-doo with the real plumber in the house.

Party 2007

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My photos from our 2007 Holiday Party are posted!

The bar setup in the garage.
Going through our tally, we had around 90 people through the doors, and while from the photos, it looks like just a sausage fest, we had a good mix, including Chaz's coworkers, a few of my ex-coworkers from Motive, and some neighbors. More updates on the party later.

Heard on Boston Legal

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"Denny, we are our significant others." I really like Shatner & Spader in their characters - they crack me up.

Been there!

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Across the street, the marketing people here at this little airline have been putting together an entertaining series of videos. Chaz and I have lived this scene a few times, and I think this one captures the sense of euphoria that washes over you when it really comes true! There's five films in the series. Check them out.

Atlanta Notes

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This is the second week of a whirlwind project with a little airline in Atlanta.  Last week I had a hard bed at a cold Fairfield Inn, this week however, I chose wisely.  This Hyatt Place has a huge suite-style room, and a 42" HD TV, where I'm watching monday night football in HD. Not only that, the bed is soft and the towels are fluffy. Of course it doesn't quite make up for the level of disorganization in the project, nor missing out on the miles for the flights from the airline, but its a better quality of misery.
I've been going to the Southwest Family YMCA to work out while here. Its been interesting, cause I'm the only cracker I've seen there, and its certainly a unique realization. The facility is top-notch, and the people have all been over the top friendly, even more so than my Y in Austin. Part of me wants to believe that the welcome is reciprocated when someone of another skin tone comes to Austin, but I fear that's not the case. I don't think the world has been able to eliminate the fear of the 'other' as well as Atlanta has. The conversations I've overheard have been interesting as well ranging from the idea that the Michael Vick verdict was too harsh, to others were contemplating a Clinton/Edwards ticket.
In all this is a strange week - part in Atlanta, part in Austin, then the rest getting ready for our big holiday party. Lots to do.

The Richter Scales

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Of course, my friend that pointed this out to me wrote:

Lisa: the sad part is, my friends curtis and chris sing in this group
Lisa: curtis made his fortune on google
Lisa: and chris made his fortune on ebay

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