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Holy cow

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Kayne West on SNL last night was amazing.


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I'm not so pleased with my camera these days. Going through the photos from Germany, there's a number that are like this, where the focus seems to be on something other than us.

We got dressed up in our custom suits from Thailand and went to an event sponsored by Chaz's new company. We looked quite spiffy, and in focus, despite this photo. Its just the first of many events coming up into the high holy days.

This week has been fun being back in Austin in the house. Some unpacking, some sizing things up to see how we want to refurnish some things. We jettisoned some things when we left, so there's now 'opportunity'. Course there's some budgetary considerations to figure out. Meh.

Why I'm on the verge of not bothering with Heroes

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"Brought to you with limited commercial interruptions." Sha. Right. 3rd scene was nothing but a commercial. Even using the brand name.


Morning View

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IMG_5000.jpgDawn at Schiphol.

Wasn't I just here?

Oktoberfest View

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South end of the Wiesn. It doesn't get more 'typical German" than this, right?

Its been a busy weekend, with an annual party among friends on Saturday to watch the parade into the Wiesn, some socializing, a walk along the festival grounds, and a dinner. The skies have been crystal-clear, and while the sun is hanging low in the sky, its warm and energizing. I've got a few hours to kill before I head off to the airport this afternoon. I may walk the grounds one more time, have a coffee at Franz's restaurant, and snap some more photos.

Morning View

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Blumen Boxen Klenze Strasse 28, Hinterhof

This balcony was nothing compared to the "blumenschmuck" hanging off all the houses on the "Romantische Strasse" in the walled cities. We had a great trip, not just cause of the car. Stopped in Nördlingen, Dinkelsbühl, Rothenburg ob die Tauber, Creglingen, and Würzburg. Photos to come after I get shopping done today. Lots to get, as tomorrow will be busy, and Sunday its time to head back to Texas. In town here, there's just 24 hrs left before the first keg of the Wies'n is tapped by the Mayor. They're already buzzing about it on the radio and on the street.

Hertz shows some lurve.

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2007 SLK 2007 SLK. Cabrio.

This made for a nice way to do some touring. Of course it was a bit chilly to zoom down the autobahn with the top down, but on the land-streets, I'm pimpin it today.


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Gaertnerplatz This doesn't do it justice. It turned cold today.

Franz is cooking a duck breast for dinner. Found one for the "you'll see this soon in the US" file.. "Das perfekte Dinner". A cooking show where the contestants throw a dinner party for one another, criticize it, and viewers vote on the winner. Chaz could win this one in a heartbeat.

Morning View

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IMG_4265.jpgKlenzestrasse 26B, Munich.

Franz said his landlady approached him yesterday and said, "So you will be having a visitor in town this week?" His reply, "As a matter of fact, I will! How on earth did you know that?" Smart-ass Austrian.

Flights were all on time, in fact the transatlantic leg was nearly an hour early. Evidently the pilot just jumped right into the jetstream and coasted. Monday afternoon was spectacularly beautiful; things are still green, the landscaping on Gärtnerplatz that was planted in May has grown in rich and full. We walked over to the Viktualienmarkt to have a beer under the chestnut trees. The afternoon was custom made for a Rick Steves' show; warm sun, mild breeze, cold beer, and a mix of tourists, schickie-mickie glamorous Germans, some locals out of their offices or homes with their socialized dogs, and a couple of crazy drunks muttering to themselves. I'm sure Rick would have something heartwarming to say about how the locals welcome all, and would not mention the drunks, but they're there and mostly harmless. A rough night sleeping, late wakeup, and today it's pissing down rain nonstop. Tomorrow should be better, and we're planning a visit to Rothenburg.

*Deep Breath*

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we are now out of Dallas. The apartment was clean, the gig at Pepsi is done and mostly successful, and the house in Austin is a disaster with boxes and clothes all over. The drive down to Austin was eventful; Chaz's truck had a blowout about 40 miles north of Austin. A rubber-shredding, smoking wheel, curving out of traffic blowout. The spare would hold air for 40 minutes or so.. long enough to get us to Austin in one piece. Looks like we'll be splitting the cost of a set of tires with Chaz's dad.

The whirlwind continues as I'm in Houston on my way to Munich. It looks to be an uneventful trip, which is nice, but for some reason I'm wound just a little tight about doing the move and then heading out for a trip with dust unsettled.


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Dallas, Corbin

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"Sir, are you classified as human?"

"uh, negative. I am a meat popsicle."

Movers, or a fiasco in three acts.

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Today was the day that the worst movers came. It wasn't so much that the guys doing the moving were bad; they were good in fact. I was just disappointed that their office played the game of sending the guys with a price that was different than the agreed upon price, so had to dig out the contract with the other price.. yadda yadda. Next act, we had more items than were agreed on the inventory, so their truck was too small, and of course they needed some money (a bribe) to take some extra boxes. Finally, to cap it all off, our part of town had nearly 4 inches of rain as they were loading the trailer. The pool outside was overflowing, and rain was pouring into the trailer as those guys loaded it. The guys did work hard loadin what they did up, and man its rough to think of 'em bein drowned rats in the rain. All told, our stuff made it to Austin, with only 3 or 4 well soaked boxes. Down side? we're not done with the move. There's a small trailer full of crap in the garage yet to go, including my computer and Chaz's xmas stuff. So much for motorcycle ride on Saturday; Chaz is going to get a trailer up here, we'll load it, do the walkthrough, and close this place out Saturday.

On the upside, being on the road, I'm at the Anatole this weekend. Holy cow does this place take on a new meaning after having been in Asia; the art and the design takes on new meaning.


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Driving home tonight, the warmth and wholeness of my fortune washed over me as I listened to BBC Radio 1 on the satellite. 3 continents where I can find friends, both a biological and a chosen family that takes me warts and all, and a cool job that lets me explore the world around me as I solve some interesting problems. How'd this all happen? There are moments when I don't understand quite how I got here, yet here I am. I don't think I regret much, and I certainly don't think I will going forward.

This weekend is 'pack the apartment' weekend. Chaz is coming up and we'll get this all ready for the movers. Should be pretty easy. We lightened the load once moving up here, now we've got another chance to shed some stuff we don't need.

Jeff called me from Oregon, on his way back to Seattle from the Burning Man event last weekend. He spent a week on the playa with all sorts of folks, some of whom I referred him toward. Evidently it was a foundation-shaking event for him to take part of Burning Man, and I don't think there's a higher honor that I could have received in that he thought of me to call first. His voice was indeed different on the phone as he told me a couple of quick stories about the week. I couldn't be prouder that he's broken through his archetype of what he thought he was supposed to be, and found more of who he is in the world. That makes all the difference, as I've found.

Chaz spent the week prepping the garage floor, and did a terrific job putting an epoxy sealer and coating down on the floor. We've talked about making it more of a usable space for parties and dinners, so this is a big step toward that.

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