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Town Lake Park

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The lit fountains look pretty cool; I can't wait to get back and see it.

..and tell her her hair looks nice!

Red State Update via Joe. My. God.

End of Year Acceleration

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Labor day approaches, that means its time for the 'bungee jump' that is the end of the year. It goes faster and faster falling toward the new year and then all the sudden we're pulled back.

This is week 35 of 2007.

Week 36: New Orleans & Dallas
Week 37: Dallas (& move)
Week 38: Munich
Week 39: Austin or Work Location TBD
Week 40: Austin or Work Location TBD
Week 41: Austin or Work Location TBD
Week 42: Denver and Work Location TBD
Week 43: Austin or Work Location TBD
Week 44: Laos - vacation
Week 45: Laos - vacation
Week 46: Laos - vacation
Week 47: Cambodia - vacation
Week 48: Cambodia & Austin
Week 49: Austin or Work Location TBD & weekend Xmas party
Week 50: Austin or Work Location TBD & weekend Xmas party
Week 51: Austin or Work Location TBD & weekend Xmas party
Week 52: Holiday Family week - Austin, Georgetown, Dallas.
Week 1: New Years Eve - San Antonio.

Doesn't seem that far away now at all.

*deeeeeep breath*

Life Imitates Art. Poorly.

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From Little Britain:


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Ahhhh.. the cool green of summer.

This is looking better already.

I'm not so happy with the archives, but I'll address that at some other point.

Captcha might work here now!


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As I write, it's 6am Friday in London.

Fridays there went on forever, but in a blink of an eye.

Half a day of work, travel back to Paddington, and into the office at Trafalgar Square for the afternoon. Timesheets, paperwork, emails with the US, and if the sales guys were in the office, a pint at the Ship & Shovell kicked off the weekend. Sometimes the sales guys were already there, and would be a few pints ahead by the time I'd get there, but they'd be game for a catchup round or two. Eight would roll around, and when a tab got paid, it would be time to start rolling to the west end. A 30-minute walk, or 2 stops on the Northern Line to Oxford Circus and the Kings Arms. The bar is hardly as big as the living and dining rooms of my house in Austin, and 250+ people would be packed in elbows-to-assholes. On warm nights, the crowd would spill into the street in a noisy grinning mob.

There were no strangers. Friends from online or social groups, some from the US blogosphere would show up when you least expect it, and plenty from last week's carousing. Rounds were shared, and when my turn came to buy, it would hit my wallet hard, but every one I bought was paid back over the course of the night. It just works like that. Last rounds at 11, early enough for a herd of men to catch the Victoria Line to Vauxhall. We'd all been at the KA, and none were ready to call it quits. The tube platform would be echoing with idle banter and cackling, and the fashion show in the train of punks and muscle and leather and ├╝ber-queer scene boys would raise eyebrows.

There are a number of venues at Vauxhall, drawing every type, but the now defunct Growlhouse seemed to be the place for me and my crowd. Tucked under 2 arches of a railway line, a dance floor, sound and light, a couple of bars, and I'm sure plenty of tweakers among the regular joes bullshitting about the week and the weekend, arms around shoulders. It was loud. It was sometimes jammed and sweaty. It was never dull. And somehow, it never seemed that late when they pushed us out the back door at 4am, so that the next promoter could hold their 'club' in the venue, accommodating the queue at the front door. Whether by night bus or minicab, the Friday afternoon energy would finally start to fade as people headed different directions.

The ceaseless cadence of the city brought with it camaraderie, closeness, and a clutch of co-conspirators that help fuel the long Friday into the inevitable dawn.

And on nights like tonight, when I go out for a beer and stand in a large American bar lonely and apart from those most familiar, I grasp that its precisely that rhythm that is missing from this place. I think back on Fridays in London and I know that for a time, I was there with those guys starting the weekend, sharing that pulse and that fleeting energy which tumbled over and around us heading into the weekend.

And what else is new?

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So big news from our side.. life has gotten a little strange.

Here's what's happened in a timeline..

- end of May, I move up to Dallas, house in Austin goes empty.
- June 1, house goes on the market.
- June 5, we get a full-price offer on the house, no conditions.
- June 17, I make an offer on a townhome in Dallas, contingent upon my house in Austin selling
- June 20, we get a near-full price backup offer on the house.
- June 29, offer 1 expires - the buyer couldn't get financing.
- July 3, offer 2 gets withdrawn - the buyer's wife didn't like the location.

- middle of July, Chaz is *really* bored with his job, and starts sending out resumes
- July 29, my offer on my flat in Dallas expires since my house in Austin hasn't sold.

- August 2, Chaz gets an interview with a company in Austin.
- August 6 - morning, Chaz gets a call that IBM has canceled his contract in Dallas. He'll be unemployed as of August 10.
- August 6 - afternoon, Chaz interviews with the company in Austin. It goes well.
- August 8 - Company in Austin offers him a job.
- August 12 - David starts a gig in Dallas
- August 19 - Chaz moves to Austin and starts new job.

So. Now. I'm in Dallas working. Chaz is in Austin.

The mind boggles. I'll be moving BACK to Austin in September.

The gig in Dallas is with Pepsi. There's no free drinks, and I think Diet Pepsi tastes like cleaning fluid. I'm smuggling in Diet Coke and drinking tea instead.

The benefit of having the house in Austin empty was that it gave us an opportunity to do some work on the place. Chaz redid the floors, and he's putting an epoxy coating on the garage floor for us. Should be pretty. The movers come to Dallas on the 10th of Sept to pick up the stuff and move it to Austin. We know better than to try to move ourselves in September.

While there's work being done on the house, I'm doing some work on the realaustinman blog as well. Cursed CSS!


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  • Brian nails how I feel about the bridge issue.
  • * Bonds
  • Changes to project staffing are coming. I may get paroled from Endicott!

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