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From the "This is news HOW?" file

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My former employer, Motive, made the news. But what kind of news is this? "They were willing to cut corners." Show me a software company that doesn't or hasn't. Oh, that's right - they get away with it by calling everything a "beta". That being said, I'm totally baffled how it has taken years to do restatements, and this puff piece stating the obvious is just silly. Sure, they cut the deals however they were cut, but there are checks coming in and going out; they were friggen meticulous on my expense reports - surely they saved copies of the contracts and the checks, right?


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I can't believe I didn't get my act together to order a Nina Totin'-bag.

Pimpin for Austinites!

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Help Nakia & Southern Cousins Win A Slot At The Austin City Limits Music Festival! Vote Now!

Vote daily!

September 17, 2005

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That didn't take long..

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From the "Muppets Never Die" file..

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This weekend's houseguest

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We've got a houseguest this weekend. Fortunately, he's not a picky eater. Down side is, we don't know what's going to happen to him over the course of the next few days.

Muggle reading book

Seriously.. this gets the point across

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Chaz and I are talking about seeing more movies.

I'm for it if this plays prior to the show.

Justice's scales may balance

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I find the 'perverted justice' crap that NBC trots out when they need to boost ratings absolutely abhorrent. I hate knowing the there are idiots out there stupid enough to think that a teenager wants to bop them, and I hate thinking that those people were probably registered voters.

From one of these in Texas, the DA won't prosecute, and NBC's being sued for contributing to a suicide. Amateur hour might be over.

Noted news.

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The Dutch are proving themselves to be bigger men. Arno & Timon already know I look up to them, I hope.

Nutjobs take cruises too. I'm stunned that an American living in NYC can think a suicide bomber at the UN would be desirable. Can you imagine being so detached from reality? Or are my peers detached? Could we tell?

Bunkers are for sale in Germany. I think a few people from the cruise will be buying them to hide in.

And finally, I missed this year's Munich Chili Cookoff. Schei├če.

Dear woman.

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Dear woman in the Chicago President's Club:

You are too old to be wearing Barbie Pink toenail polish.
And flip-flops are for the beach or the pool.
You need to be consulting more with your metrosexual (probably gay) boyfriend; his leather bowling shoes are cool.

That is all.

Gorillaz would be proud.

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Credit Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle by way of Bob Geiger for this.

Ben Sargent

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I think Fake Steve Jobs is brilliant.

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iTards. HA!

The house in Austin has had 2 potential buyers, one which fell through, the other who's wife didn't like the area.

The move to Dallas is pretty much complete, and our last trip to Austin was centered around doing some final repairs on the house, as well as getting a dose of bbq and cobbler at the Salt Lick. Food coma ensued. It was delightful.

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