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I could watch this for hours.

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It makes just about as much sense as Lost, and at least there's some resolution to things occasionally!

Its what's for dinner.

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Saturday night, Chaz treated me to a dinner at the quite extraordinary Stephan Pyles in honor of my upcoming 38th. Rather than a traditional starter/salad/dinner, we took advantage of the 10-course 'tasting' menu, which was an experience unlike any other we've ever had. The tastes were all over the map, from the sweet and acidy varieties of ceviche, to the smoky soup, and the earthy beet yogurt. We're not big white wine fans, but the first few flights we had were light and bright, and were paired well. It was the most fun we've had at a restaurant in a long time, and we're looking forward to the next big occassion when we can do it again. For grins, the menu is below.


Ready for a buyer

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Papers are signed, and it'll hit the listings this week. Charles worked his tail off for the past two weeks, I worked this weekend with him, and Bud helped us out. Its clean and ready to go: new doors, new paint, lots of small fixes, some big fixes. Now I just need a buyer to call up Ron


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