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Rock Star Week

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Anticipating a pretty miserable week in NY state again, I got quite an ego boost Monday.

Hertz handed me the keys to a Mustang convertible on a sunny afternoon for my drive down to Binghamton from Syracuse. I was a rock star for the drive on down; it made up for the crappy Kia I had in February.. almost. So far only Monday was worth having the top down for. Maybe Thursday will be good for the hour drive back to the airport. The only bad thing about it was that the car was red, so I kept to the speed limit; I don't need a speeding ticking right now.

Probably while packing I pulled a muscle in my back pretty good. After a couple days of pain, arriving in Endicott, called an acupuncture doc, and got needles Monday afternoon. As opposed to my doc in Austin, this guy only gave me 5 needles in the hand. They were damn good needles though! Much better today.

Everything you own in a box to the left..

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Everything's almost staged for the move next weekend.


There's a few things left to pack.. and we'll pick up the truck Saturday. By Sunday everything significant will be up in Dallas. Despite that, the house in Austin isn't quite on the market yet. May is filled with more travel - NY, Amsterdam, Munich, then at the end of the month paint the house and get it on the market. We're both a bit stressed about it, especially as Charles' parents are still questionable about the transatlantic trip. I think we're counting on them getting inspired once they're there.

Work becomes more and more confusing, as the product that the customer has bought won't do what they want. Of course the next version might be better, but that's out of the timeframe for the contract. I just keep my meter running.

Full-service buffet

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A squirrel evidently couldn't outrun one of my neighbors this morning, which is sad, but its provided some good nummy nourishment for some scavengers.



Bad weather in the northeast meant cancelled flights, so a day in the house getting things organized is called for.


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We've started taking down some of the framed pieces from the walls, moving them up to the big apartment in Dallas; light shadows of dust remain where the art once was. The simple act of taking things down has made the preparations for moving more concrete. We've got a target date, and we've got an action plan for making the house look like someone elses. Its going to be a busy month of weekends.

I'm off to Dayton OH this week, just in time for more snow. I don't know what I did to deserve the extra helping of winter. I hope I've worked it off by now.

More Humps!

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Eat that BEPs!

Ganked from OMG Blog.

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