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Update nearing end of vacation..

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  • Slept in. grCHECK.gif
  • Body surfed in sea. grCHECK.gif
  • Laid under palapa. grCHECK.gif
  • Got Sunburned. grCHECK.gif
  • Ate Mexican Food. grCHECK.gif
  • Body-surfed in sea. grCHECK.gif
  • Nearly barfed on salt water. grCHECK.gif
  • Drank lots of cerveza. grCHECK.gif
  • Read suspense novel. grCHECK.gif
  • Bought overpriced souvenirs. grCHECK.gif
  • Drank margaritas! grCHECK.gif
  • Made fun of teenagers buying alcohol. grCHECK.gif
  • Paid too much. grCHECK.gif
  • Had more cerveza. grCHECK.gif
  • Ready to book another trip to Mexico. grCHECK.gif

Civilized Cancun

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The sun is warm, as is the sand. The beer is cold, and the water is a thousand shades of the most amazing jeweled blue I've ever seen, from sky to sapphire to the royal depths. The white underbellies of planes taking off over the water are tinged blue from the reflection.

We're at the Westin Resort & Spa which is quite removed from the madness of spring break. No disco in the evening, no room parties going on, no Girls Gone Wild try-outs on the beach, no keg-stands which is suiting us quite nicely, thank you.

Getting here wasn't bad. From Houston we had a slight delay, (bummer) which was offset by an upgrade to first class for me (not bummer!). Seeing as how I will probably get more of those down the road, I let Chaz sit up front in my spot. He enjoyed the ride, and back in steerage wasn't too bad, as there wasn't anyone next to me. It was obvious that the plane was "spring break bound" though. Plenty of 'infrequent flyers' that had problems filling out the Mexican immigration forms.

Our arrival in Cancun was heralded by a tropical shower moving over the airport and hotel zone. It passed quickly though, and we were down on the beach in no time at all, exploring the south end of the Hotel zone, aka the Mayan Riviera. Happy hour at the hotel made for an early evening in bed, and an early wakeup to get the primo palapa on the beach.

Saturday on the beach was relaxing and calming. A few beers, a taco, some splashing in the waves, some reading, and snoozing in the sun were the only things on the agenda that we made up as we went along. In the afternoon, the shadow of the hotel crept over our palapa, making it almost chilly in the wind off the water. To say we've seen it, and get a couple of souvenirs, we took the city bus up to see the Disney-esque upper part of the zone, repleat with Senor Frogs, Hard Rock, Bubba Gumps, Rainforest Cafe, and all the prattle and crap that make a 'destination' for people that don't know how to find entertainment in the sky and the sea and the sand. We didn't stick around for the "Playboy Playmate Model Search", but did walk through a plaza, got the souvenirs, and were offered some Mexican prostitutes along with our postcards. Gotta love it.

Having turned slightly crispy on Saturday, today we stuck mostly to the shade of our palapa on the beach, reading and snoozing and watching a Paris Hilton-wannabe and her boyfriend wonder at their two toy chihuahuas in the sand. Tonight a seafood dinner and people watching is on the agenda.

Run to the sun..

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Hurrah! Vacation! We're at the IAH President's club lounge, having a beer and a wine prior to our flight to Mexico.

Just a quick 4 days and 3 nights in Cancun, but after NY state, and rain in Austin, a little beach time is going to be ideal. We'll be at the Westin Resort for a few days, in honor of the anniverary, and Chaz's 47'th birthday which is Monday the 19th. Being a grown-up is fun sometimes!

It's been a slow work week, but got a lot done, both in Austin and in Dallas. We're a step closer to deciding how and where and when we're going to move. March is nearly over, April will be getting stuff out of the house into storage, May will be prepping house and taking his parents to Europe, then I think we're close to pulling the trigger to move in June.

No Snow Zone

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It's nice to be home and have spring in full effect.

The redbud outside of my office window is in full bloom, the oak trees are dropping their leaves, the mountain laurels are dripping with fragrant purple blooms, and the dandelion weeds in the backyard greeted me with towering yellow blooms threatening to age into millions of seeds to create more millions of weeds.

My back is sore from raking leaves off the driveway, and pulling the crop of pernicious weeds. Once pulled, I sprayed the remains with weed-be-gone; time will tell if I've accomplished the mission with them.

The return to Austin last Friday was amusing, considering the plane-full of young hipsters that were flying in for the South by Southwest extravaganza. Treos, Macbooks, CDs and scripts being passed all around between kiddies in their hoodies and black outfits. Bedhead and librarian spectacle chic. It was my first flight with JetBlue, and I was truly impressed with their planes. The satellite tv/radio could really be a great selling point, but I can't get where I would want to go with their rewards program.

It can't have been that long

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Holy cow. Today's the day Chaz and I count as our anniversary from 10 years ago. We've jetted all over the planet, have had tons of fun, put up with a lot of crap, celebrated so much with family and friends, and there's still so much more to do and see. Here's to health and happiness and sharing!

Yet another reason...

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Reason #60431 that Austin Rocks.

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The work week may have been spent in the vast iciness of New York state, but Sunday was spent in the sun across from the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum, with some good campadres listening to friends on stage.

Ed, seen below, emailed a few of us in honor of his birthday to meet at the Texas State Arts Festival, to hear Nakia, and his Southern Cousins play a set. I hadn't heard him before live, rather only a few times on KGSR and seen him out socially from time to time. Honestly, he knocked my socks off, with the range and the passion of his music. Ed had seen him at Zach Scott theater as Eddie in their production of "Little Shop of Horrors", and I'm a believer now. Couple of camphone snapshots below, as well as a youtube video of Nakia Day at Austin City Hall. This town rocks.

Nakia's Myspace

Keeping America safe from toothpaste.

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So in the past 2 flights, I've had two of the 4oz bottles of toothpaste confiscated at airport checkpoints. Obviously, there was a memo last week that went out to look for those; they slid right through for the past 6 weeks. I'm ready for the next scheme to involve something else suspicious, so that way my toothpaste is no longer a threat to democracy.

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