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New Nephew!

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Fresh baby! They're best served with some pesto and a side of cous-cous, right?

Charles' baby sister had her 3rd, seen here, little Daniel. Born on Johnny Cash's birthday, I suggested to the father that maybe he should be "A Boy Named Sue", but Daniel fits too. He's cute and not quite 4 hours old when this was taken. Glad I was in town for it. Click the photo for the gallery.

ZaZa: sustinance and validation

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We did have an amazing meal in an environment that was both lush and familiar. Candles, velvet, beaded chandeliers, severely skinny staff all in black, a hostess whose legs never ended, and, what's this music? Why, I have that CD! Buddha Bar.Yes, the asian and indian lounge concept that was ├╝ber-hip in Paris in 2000 has made it to Dallas. Finally. I'm sure the Parisien scene has moved on, but it was very gratifying to find I picked something hip. The played a few tracks off of the Hotel Costes series as well. I've got that too.
Anyway.. martinis and mojitos over the menu, Chaz picked the curiously spicy shrimp corn dogs for a starter, and I had the champagne steamed PEI mussels in a sauce of champagne, spinach, ginger, and a bit of jalepeno. (Reminded me of eating at Belgo in London) For a main, Chaz took the melt-in-your-mouth lamb t-bones, and I had port marinated short ribs. We had a Stag's Leap petite Syrah over dinner, and split a chocolate-mousse filled spring roll for dessert. Heel lekker! The meal was generous and luxurious; tastes flowed subtle to strong.
As we toyed with the last of our coffee, Grant, our waiter, with his wet-look bed head, made sure to invite us to see him when he changes restaurants to Central 214 in two weeks. Dang! There's another overpriced meal we'll have to dress up for. Might be a bit longer than that before we get there, but its on the radar now!

Spring? Here?

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It's been a long week in NY state - flew out on Sunday afternoon, and here it is Saturday morning and I'm returning to Texas. The continuing crisis at the project deepened, when it was revealed that the Lockheed team had us testing on an invalid environment for 2 months. And we're (read me, Mr. Vendor in the field) getting beat up for being a month late, and when will you have it tested in the real environment cause our customer wanted it February 2. Really. I'm so glad you've gotten us this far on the project.

I worked through a nasty cold during the week, that I've nearly kicked. Am hoping a bloody mary this morning helps clear the last of it out. It continued to be bitter cold, and my rent car was a 2007 Hyundai Azera. Good News: Heated Seats. Bad News: I was seen in it. I'm really lookin forward to gettin home to some warmth, and... to be home. While the long week ruined a weekend of frivolity with Chaz, we're going to make up for it with a dinner in Dragonfly at Hotel ZaZa.

Then back to NY state Tuesday. I will contain my enthusiasm

Oh yeah. This is a mess

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I got a 2007 Grand Prix from Hertz this time. Great car; remote start, strong engine. Shame its buried under the snow.


I bet its a snow day tomorrow.

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Icy snow is raining down here. Its muffled the sound of the road, and made for slow going.

I made it to the gym, and to get dinner. As well as to get a bottle of wine for tonight. I think I'll be able to sleep in nice and long tomorrow. I don't know if I'll be stuck over the weekend or not.


Monday commute layover..

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Reading the paper: Texans for Obama is kicking off. I can't make the speech on the 23rd, but it should be interesting to follow.

Its snowing in Cleveland, and it'll be doing the same in Syracuse and Binghamton. brr.

If only relocating houses was this easy.

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This set of 1's and 0's has been moved to a different server. Looks like everything's in order... so far. None of the crystal was broken, right? All the furniture made it? Check your room please.

Lake Effect Snow

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They manage the snow pretty well here in Syracuse, but I can't help thinking its adding insult to a 4:15 am wakeup call.

The plows on the taxiways are doing a dance back and forth, adding more and more to a pile of snow in the corner, as I wait for my plane to Austin over Newark.

The week in Binghamton went quickly, managing one crisis while trying to decipher what the customer was sold, and what they intend to do with the product. I've cut this company some slack since they're in the middle of being acquired, but the lack of communication is beginning to affect my capacity to get stuff done as quickly as I would like to.

Weekend will be fast and furious with one night in Austin, one in Houston, and one more in Austin before I'm up pre-dawn again on monday to get right back out here. Uninspiring for the moment, but it makes me apprectiate some memories of Thailand just a bit more.

I don't really know how the sun can shine so bright, and it can be so fracking cold at the same time. I got up at 4am on Monday for the trek to Endicott, NY for work with Lockheed.

Its been below freezing since I arrived, and it's not going to change anytime soon. I have no clue why this software won't sell to companies south of Ohio. There's plenty of companies that could use this stuff!

We're still at a standstill with moving. We looked at two houses in Dallas this past weekend, but without knowing what his job situation is, we're not making any big changes. I moved a new tenant into the duplex; hopefully this will provide some continuity for a little while on that front.

Nelly Furtado - Say it Right

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This track has been hypnotizing me lately.

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