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We'll miss Molly

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She was one of the first columnists I read regularly growing up in the DFW area.

Molly Ivins 1944-2007

Sums up my frustration.

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Try the Airport Security game.

The rules are constantly changing, and are either arbitrary, fickle, or knee-jerk.

I haven't been able to get more than 5 passengers through.

Cute Overload Strikes again!

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Wazzup Bitches!!

The tongue makes it.


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The cooler the car, the more expensive the tires, donchya know. Charles and I were looking at houses in Dallas this past weekend when one of the tires finally gave out. Like a champ, Chaz changed the tire for me. I suppose I was due something like this on the car. $1000 later I've got a new set of 4, and the ride is amazingly quieter. Probably good money spent, but totally unplanned.

We're looking at the condo in Oak Lawn, but also at houses around that area and University Meadows. There's some good old houses there that we can probably renovate, and maybe make some money. The condo looks to be a good investment with no work to do, other than to pare our belongings down to something that will fit in that small space. Having not bought something in construction before, I'm not quite sure how to proceed with it though.

Dallas is going to be a change, and I'm really going to miss the little house in Austin, but I think we can cash out pretty well, and its time for a change.

The business year has been quiet so far, with a couple weeks at home, but this week saw me travelling out to Southern New Jersey by way of Philadelphia. Cigna was the customer, and the project isn't that challenging, so its good to get it under control pretty quickly. Philadelphia is bitter cold, but during the stay I got to drive over both the Walt Whitman and the Ben Franklin bridges. The Whitman bridge was worthy of its name I think. I'll have to come back sometime when I have more time to see the sights, and when the weather is decent.

Stupid Cats.

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The bigger they are..

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Sure hope noone was hurt in this, but seeing this just makes me wonder if the guy was thinking.. "It's just a little ice on the road, but I'm indestructible.. I've got a Hummer!"


Truly TCB

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Wacky Oz underdog movie that hasn't made it here yet and looks to be a riot.

Check out the trailer. Great line from it: "Look at that, eh? What kinda curry's that bloke been eatin'??!!"

Sleet & Ice!

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The Aflac project winds down, and while I'm slated for a project in Endicott, NY again, its not ready, so I'm home for a week again. Just in time to enjoy the few days of ice and freezing precipitation. Homebound ain't so bad on the few days we get winter in Texas.

The creepy church in Williamson County is now flaunting the fact that their pastors have attracted more pod people with their brilliant dental work. This image is on their new billboards:

Despite that, I'm impressed that they have a spanish language ministry, and their spanish pastors look considerably more mainstream than the gringos:

Chaz was in town this weekend, and we had a good relaxing time trying to figure out where in the hell we want to live. There's a condo in Dallas going up that has caught our eye, due mostly to location. But we're weighing that against leaving Austin and opportunities here and in San Antonio. We can't decide right now, so our decision is to make no decision. The holding pattern continues, and we'll trade off weekends between here and there.

Chaz was having problems with his truck's electrical system. We wound up doing an emergency alternator replacement in the garage yesterday, which was enormously successful. It's sad, but the little Ford Ranger is probably the last vehicle we'll be able to repair the engine on.

Finally, we're trying to get Chaz's parents over to Europe for a couple weeks touring through Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and Munich. Flights are pencilled in for May, but his mom's health is in doubt. It's making planning difficult. We take for granted that we can have hotels without an elevator, and a walk from time to time; not so when bringing an older couple on tour. Its going to be slower and more expensive than we're expecting, I know.

Happy '07!

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For some reason, this leaves me in stitches...

created by Mofaha for b3ta.

Last week was a work at home week, and it looks like this one will be as well. While I love being able to do this, I'm faced with the reality of having to clean up after myself in the kitchen. On the road means not having to clean the coffeepot!

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