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Texas needs a geostationary banana, doesn't it?

Notes from Columbus, GA

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I've finally posted the BEST photos from Nepal; link behind the photo below. I had to cull them down to 500, then down to 166 of the best, or most significant of the trip. As it gets farther away in my rearview mirror, I'm appreciating the trip more and more. Sure there were moments I really hated it, but I think those are becoming fewer as time goes on.

Franz, Binaya, David, in front of Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam

The Aflac building really does have the duck on it. And they decked it out for the holiday.

I'm proud of my new wallpaper on my computer.

Its about friggin time that someone realized that the travelers aren't the only threat at the airport. Not that those shitknuckles will start to let us keep our shoes on despite not finding another shoebomb since the one that got missed. And not to say that the TSAers that are paid on par with teachers are going to be beyond being bribed either. This is still the only problem with my job.


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Testing after move.

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