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Server upgrade and things are looking goooood now.

Scrambling to pack for Nepal. Packing light!

From the 'Small Planet' Files

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It sometimes boggles my mind that at 3am Eastern time, I can be listening to the 7am BBC World Service news live.

And Charlotte..

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I think this is Charlotte that welcomed me at the airport.

Suddenly the Boeing project is over, and the next one up is onsite in Charlotte, North Carolina. With not much warning, and not much time left before heading to Nepal, naturally doing the travel thing was destined to be a pain. The 5 hour itinerary was 10.5 hours in real life with rain and logistical issues at airports. Nonetheless, I have something interesting and billable to do till I throw my hands up in the air and get on the plane to Bangkok.

All the hotels in Charlotte were of course booked with NASCAR fans, so this week I have 3 nights in 3 seperate hotels. I'm wondering if this vehicle, found outside tonight's hotel, is going to be on the track.


The good news of the travel is that I finally got my ├╝berstatus on Continental! Small favors for work flights next year.

Flying Google Earth to Nepal

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Using Google Earth, I've put together a bit of a 'fly-by' for the first few days of my upcoming trip. 79 seconds of virtual bouncing around the planet. So far away, and right around the corner.

Wild and Dangerous

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Found buried in some papers from 1986, and remains alarmingly accurate to this day.


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Not looking in my mailbox....

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Whoa. Excellent ad. While she's not the candidate for me, this is a really powerful use of Perry's own spin against him.
A side note & Southpark reference - I can't find the picture of him, but doesn't she look like Stan Bravlovski's cousin from new england? The one Stan ships off?

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