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Tons of Fun and more to come.

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Oktoberfest in Munich began on schedule two weekends ago, and my mom and I were there for all the festivities and pageantry.

Photos are posted already, but I'm lax on posting some of the movies.

From being treated like royalty at Tambosi for a traditional 'coffee', to touring castles Linderhof and Neuschwanstein, to rolling through one of the rollicking brewery tents, to a little breakfast at Franz's, I know she had a good time, and I enjoyed sharing a bit of it as well. I know she's still synthesizing the experience as well.

Nepal trip planning is well underway; gear and clothing are about together, I've had my immunizations, Franz got some powerbars for the hiking portion, and I'm at the point where I have to start thinking about what to do in Phuket while there.
Bangkok has a new airport. This is important because Franz made a reservation for the airport hotel for arrival after my transpacific travels - would be a pain if it was at the wrong airport, eh?

Sunset at Town Lake

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Last Thursday I got a good lap around town lake in. Near the end the sun was setting and there were a number of us watching the rowers on the water. As good a place as any to test the video on the phone.

Google Map API Test

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Is there a map here?

The summer heat breaks..

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Tonight the moon is full, and the air is dry and crisp. I rode the motorcycle to workout this evening, and actually felt a bit chilly turning into the neighborhood under the trees. A few windows are open, and I know I'm not going to miss the roar of the air conditioner tonight. It's nice when the heat finally breaks as it did on Monday when a cold front and some rain came through Austin. I'm sure the yard thought I was going to kill it through dehydration, but its coming out of the dormancy and starting to grow just a bit. Good thing about St. Augustine grass - no water, no grow - no grow, no mow. I'll have to trim it up at some point.


Brent, Daryl, Charles and I, pictured above, spent the Labor Day weekend hanging around Austin, and as guests at Art & Dan's house for part of a 3-day party. The food was excellent, the guests were fun, the house was amazing, and it had a great pool, which made up for the lake being as far down as seen in the photo. It was a treat having the boys up from San Antonio to stay a couple of nights.

In a week, I'll be landing in Frankfurt, mom in tow, heading to Octoberfest. The arrangements have been made for a good time all around, and I'm really looking forward to being back there.

The Nepal trip is looming on the horizon too. I've been shopping at REI to get some trekking clothes and travel clothes. I've got some good Ex Officio stuff that you can wash in the evening, hang up to dry, and have it in the morning dry. Packing light is going to be critical.


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HEB had Stargazer lilies on sale. I like to get some for Chaz when he comes into town. They're amazing when they open: they smell great, and have this spiky, and dimensionally deep structure and color. The incandescents of the bathroom tinged this snapshot, but they're amazing nonetheless.

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